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May 22, 2016

Clay Red for Urbanears X Roland-Garros Collab With Its Active Hellas Headphones

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For all of individuals who loves tennis and at the same time an enthusiast or die-hard fan of headphones, Urbanears got something for you. If you want to get into the groove of tennis playing while listening to your fave music Urbanears in collaboration with Roland-Garros has rolled out their newest edition of its Active Hellas headphones that is quite interesting to have during the tournament.

Urbanears is well known for its individuality when it comes to color. So for this season and for the tournament, the brand swing out their newest headphone in Clay Red which is made for the collaboration with Roland-Garros. So talk about being in this headphone fits exactly to sweat on the tournament’s famous surface of champions.

The tournament started last May 16 – and will run until June 5 2016. It is the legendary Roland–Garros tennis tournament or most commonly known as the French Open will once again volley into action. Held in Paris each spring, the sporting event fills the city with the world’s most skillful players, crowds of devout match goers, and contemporary art lovers for 14 days of panache.

Swedish headphone brand Urbanears is honored to take part in the Roland–Garros tradition through this first time collaboration. The result is a clay-red edition of Hellas, a pair of sweat-friendly wireless Bluetooth headphones from the new Active collection.

“This official collaboration is an epic moment for us” says Oscar Axhede, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Urbanears. “Our special edition Hellas celebrate that creative flair and passion we see played out at Roland– Garros each year.”

“We’re delighted to work alongside such a design-conscious brand like Urbanears to color a pair of headphones in our trademark clay-red.” says ValĂ©rie Cattini, Brand Manager from the French Tennis Federation.

Sports headphone Hellas keep it classy on the courts with a washable headband and ear-cushions, a built-in mic, and a swipe interface that lets you cycle through your power-playlist with nothing more than finger play.

The Roland-Garros edition will be available for purchase at Roland-Garros stadium shops, at select stores and online at for $120.

Own it if you're a fan!


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May 14, 2016

Catch This Summer’s Biggest Wave as ASUS Philippines’ “7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo” Finally Hits Shores

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Manila, Philippines (11 May, 2016) — Channeling your summer state of mind, despite the sweltering heat, will definitely be a whole lot easier (and not to mention, more fun!), now that ASUS Philippines is all set to offer this season’s hottest deals, what with the special “7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo”.

The heat is definitely on as ASUS allows you to make the most out of your summer budget with incredible price discounts on some of your favorite ZenFone models, such as the ultimate traveler’s dream smartphone: the ZenFone Max (ZC550KL); the hot-shot smartphone that still keeps turning heads: the ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML); the surefire smartphone that nails those “instagrammable” selfies: the ZenFone Selfie (ZD501KL); and the best-value handy smartphone that can really splash some color and fun to your summer: the ZenFone C (ZC451CG).

Revealing the bigger story behind the “7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo”, ASUS Philippines Marketing Manager Jamie Zaldivar shares, “More than just your ordinary seasonal promotion, this campaign actually marks an incredible milestone for ASUS Philippines, as we have just recently reached #1MillionIncredibleFans on our Facebook page. The ‘7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo’ allows us to both celebrate with and also give back to our growing community of loyal fans, and at the same time, really give everyone the kind of fun and incredible summer they truly deserve with their ZenFones on hand.”

With this breakthrough, ASUS Philippines encourages everyone to not be left out on the special “7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo”, dive into their nearest authorized ASUS re-sellers nationwide, and get their hands on any of these four ZenFone variants at discounted prices:

Max Energy, All-Summer Long!
Throw those worries and concerns about your smartphone’s limited battery life out the window, and maximize your summer spirit with your ASUS ZenFone Max (ZC550KL) that packs an incredible 5,000mAh battery capacity. Enjoy long-lasting 3G talk time of up 37.6 days; or 32.5 hours of web browsing over WiFi or more than 22 hours of video playback wherever you go this season, all for a special price of PHP 7,995.00.

For more information on the ASUS ZenFone Max, visit:

Want an ASUS ZenFone Max for yourself, check this Where to Buy list:

Bring Your A-Game This Summer
The world’s first-ever smartphone to feature 4GB RAM, the ground-breaking ASUS ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) continues to marvel the tech-savvy with its unprecedented performance, making it the perfect smartphone to enjoy uninterrupted and smooth game play this summer. Whether it’s beating the heat at home or hanging loose by the beach, this smartphone can definitely transform those dull days to an even more action-packed summer! And with a discounted price of PHP 11,995.00, the 32GB ZE551ML is definitely this season’s biggest steal!

For more information on the ASUS ZenFone 2, visit:

More Snap-Happy Summer Moments
When faced with the old adage, ‘Pictures, or it didn’t happen!’, then you better make sure that your selfie game this summer is on point! Widely regarded as the ultimate smartphone for selfies and for other photos, the ASUS ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL) packs a twin 13MP PixelMaster camera and a dual-color, dual-LED Real Tone flash for both its front and rear cameras. And with a special summer price tag of just PHP 10,995.00, ASUS Philippines gives beach bums and travel junkies alike the chance to capture even more incredible memories this season.

For more information on the ASUS ZenFone Selfie, visit:

Want an ASUS ZenFone Selfie for yourself, check this Where to Buy list:

Keeping it Cool and Colorful This Summer
Making a style statement and standing out this summer won’t be a problem with ASUS Philippines’ best value smartphone to date, the ASUS ZenFone C (ZC451CG). Available in four fashionable, vibrant colors, this lightweight smartphone marvel is designed to match your unique style this summer, while also being ideal for superior everyday performance and use between personal needs. The ZenFone C is up for grabs for a very budget-friendly price of PHP 3,695.00.

For more information on the ASUS ZenFone C, visit:

The 7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo is currently running in all authorized re-sellers nationwide at the following price points: ZenFone C (PHP 3,695.00); ZenFone Max (PHP 7,995.00); ZenFone Selfie (PHP 10,995.00); and ZenFone 2 32GB (PHP 11,995.00).

Check them all if you want!

Promo : 7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo

April 27, 2016

Asus' Zenfone Go Lets You Enjoy the 7 Days of Summer

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ASUS' lets you enjoy the 7 days of Summer with this scorching season whether it is roughing it up for an outdoor adventure, or simply having a relaxing time at home, ASUS Philippines gives you more than enough reasons to enjoy the summer season without the worry of overspending and cutting down on the fun, with its two summer-ready ZenFone Go variants: starting with the existing ZenFone Go 5 (ZC500TG), and it latest smartphone offering, the new ZenFone Go 4.5 (ZB452KG)!

“With the new ZenFone Go 4.5 and the existing crowd-favorite ZenFone Go 5, this new line-up of the ASUS ZenFone Go smartphones really invites users to take a break from their daily regular grind, change to their flip-flops, and ignite the wanderlust they have always had from within,” explains ASUS Philippines Smartphone Product Manager Lenny Lin.

These ZenFone Go variants come in six premium, sleek colors, and are perfect for those who are looking for a great-value smartphone that can ultimately keep up with their lifestyles, and make sure that they get the most out of this season, anytime and anywhere they plan to go.

“Summer is definitely the time of the year when a lot of Filipinos want to enjoy and have fun, and with this line-up of ASUS ZenFone Go offerings, users can expect an all-around, daily smartphone that they can use to match their unique lifestyles. To get everyone’s summer spirits up and at them, we have prepared a special campaign which we have dubbed as the “7 Days Of Summer with the Zenfone Go” that shows just exactly how each variant of the ZenFone Go will be the perfect centerpiece to have an even more incredible and stylish summer,” adds Lin. So sit back, relax and have fun as we give you a quick tour on how you can enjoy your 7 Days Of Summer with the Zenfone Go.
Monday: Go forth and have an organized, fun-filled week ahead This summer, why not make it a point to have ‘manic Mondays’ become a thing of the past, and have a well-planned out schedule for the entire week? To be at the top of your game all week-long, we deem it best to get your hands on the ASUS ZenFone Go, each packed with a powerful processor that makes it an incredible smartphone for multi-tasking day-in and day-out. Go for the ZB452KG for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Quad Core Processor, or choose the ZC500TG if you are after a handy smartphone that packs a Quad Core Processor. Because at the end of the day, this much is true – while there are those who believe in having fun in spontaneity, nothing really beats a nifty, user-friendly organizer and to-do list in your smartphone that helps you ease through your week’s plethora of activities.
Tuesday: Go out and about, and reconnect with your network of old pals With the summer season clearly in full-swing, there is absolutely no excuse anymore for you not to have a little get-together with friends. Just for today, temporarily say goodbye to those diet plans for your beach body, and lose yourself in endless conversations and laughter over a hearty lunch. But of course, no reunion would be complete without the blow-by-blow updates on social media: switching among Snapchat for goofy videos, food flatlays in Instagram, and groupfies in Facebook. Bottom line is, for these occasions, no doubt that you would want to have the ZenFone Go with you, what its fast social connectivity, all thanks to its reliable Android Lollipop 5.1 OS. As an added bonus, you will be delighted to hear that the just-released ZB452KG makes use of the brand-new ASUS ZenUI, giving users a new launcher, more features, and improved security functions.
Wednesday: Go take a backseat at home with a movie marathon For those who just cannot bear the rising temperature outdoors, here’s an easy-peasy antidote to beat the heat: go for a staycation instead, and stream your all-time favorite films in your ZenFone Go, right at the comfort of your own home. With the ZenFone Go, there is absolutely no more need to experience long queues and purchase overpriced tickets, as watching videos here will give you the vibe of a personal movie theatre. Enjoy edge-of-your-seat action what with the ZenFone Go 4.5’s bright and clear 4.5-inch FWVGA touch-screen display. While thrilling movies can definitely be watched at the palm of your hands with the ZenFone Go 5.0’s superb 5-inch HD IPS display with vibrant colors and crisp image output. Now, who says hump days have to be so expensive and complicated, huh?
Thursday: Just Go for it to keep the romance burning February may have come and gone, but that does not mean you can forget about warming up your love life too, right? Keep things interesting beyond those cheesy sweet nothings by surprising your partner with a random chat message, perhaps via an invitation for a mid-week afternoon picnic date at the park. Have an intimate set-up, spruce it up with designs that set the mood even more, and don’t forget about your date’s favorite bottle of wine to top it all off. And while you’re at it, do have the ZenFone Go be on full-display as well to ante up your red-hot OOTD, perfect to complement that sleek look you are going for. Because if you’re really going all-out to impress your date a whole lot more, then might as well showcase the ZenFone Go’s premium metallic design – which is in fact, the only smartphone at this price range out there to have a premium finish like this.
Friday: Go and hit the open road for a stress-free getaway With the weekend just around the corner, nothing else quite says ‘summer’ than a road trip with your fellow adventurous souls. As everyone knows, summer is basically the perfect time to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, heading over to a place that gives a vibe of a whole new world. And while this is easier said than done, heading to that destination in the best route possible using reliable, real-time GPS tracking mobile apps such as Waze and Google Maps can go a long way – quite literally. And another crucial travel tip: for the road warriors looking to get away, a handy smartphone that packs a mean battery capacity just like the ZenFone Go – what with its 2,070 mAh battery capacity and all – can be your ultimate savior, wherever your next summer itinerary may take you!
Saturday: Go all out to amp up the pool-side entertainment Hosting pool-side parties and summer cook-outs with success is a lot easier than most people think. For these summer social occasions, the trick is to just make sure you have the right ingredients on hand: tanning beds for the girls who want to sunbathe all afternoon-long, a variety of free-flowing food and drinks for the boys, and of course, the right kind of entertainment for everyone in the form of your ZenFone Go blasting your group’s favorite summer anthems – all incredibly loud and clear, amidst all the party brouhahas. So remember, whether it is in your own backyard, a fancy indoor pool, or a summer resort’s beach-side jacuzzi, a whole lot of Spotify and Soundcloud played using your ZenFone Go can definitely do wonders once everyone gets in their summer groove.
Sunday: Go and head to the beach for some summer sun-kissed memories And as the days are getting warmer, and the sun staying out a little longer than usual, one cannot deny that most of the time, the best summer memories are from the moments we spend at the beach. There is definitely something peaceful about hearing the sound of waves crashing onto each other, feeling the sand-between-your-toes, basking under the sun, and taking those obligatory sunset shots that make your day complete. But more than just savoring these precious moments, do yourself an extra favor and go for the smartphone that is ultimately summer-ready: a mobile unit like the ZenFone Go that packs an 8MP camera that can surely take awesome shots! After all, there isn’t quite like a beach selfie to cap off all your summer adventures in a week’s worth, right?

So this summer enjoy your vacation with ASUS' Zenfone Go and take it through the 7 days of summer.

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April 26, 2016

The Smarttress, A Smart Bed That Reports Infidelity

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Okay this may sound a little weird getting techie when it comes to relationships but we all know that the infidelity thing happens and some things aren't strong enough to bond without a strong foundation. For couples who's love is strong you don't need this but for the benefit of curious enough to know how it works, well here's what their engineers says about it.

The system is called the Lover Detection System and according to one of the engineers who developed this it is built with ultrasonic sensors inside the mattress and when the bed detects rhythmic movements or whatever movement is happening on top of the bed its communication system sends information to a server of which your phone is connected to. So in other words if there's a suspicious activities happening on the bed it rings the app user to inform the user what is happening.

The developer of this devices thoroughly conducted research on different patterns of movements or activities on the bed that helps them determine whether it is really an infidelity act or it is just simply a dog bouncing on the bed.

According to the developer of this mattress, the mattress was develop after seeing the research about the high rates of infidelity in Spain, and it happens that Spain is one of the countries in the world with the highest reported "affair rate" of 2.4 per year for men and 1.3 per year for women.

Perhaps this can help save a marriage or at least gives more reason not to do it at their own bed.

For those who would like to avail of a basic double-bed size Smarttress, it cost around £1,200.


April 25, 2016

OPPO F1 Plus with 16 MP Front Camera For Better Selfie

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 Last April 16, 2016, one of the rising mobile phone company locally, has officially launched their latest innovation, the OPPO F1 Plus. This device is their second release of the F series and it is touted as the “bigger, better Selfie Expert.”

This will definitely give more clearer and brighter selfie photos. According to OPPO, their latest device is available for pre-order nationwide from April 16 to 29 for only Pho21,990 and what's more interesting is that you get a free OPPO selfie stick for more bigger and better selfie.
This F1 Plus is build with a 16-megapixel front-facing Hi-Light Camera that captures clear and vivid photos in any lighting condition. It is more sensitive than standard cameras and with its Hi Light Camera excels in low-light, back-lit and night time photography. Without the Hi-Light technology the camera still offers twice the dynamic range and captures photos with four times less noise.

During the launch Mr Marton Barcza detailed some if the features of the F1 Plus. Though much more in depth about its technical features it made clear about its edge and why it is touted as the bigger and better selfie expert. “Selfies will always turn out bright and clear no matter the time of the day because of the F1 Plus' unique sensor technology and wide f/2.0 aperture lens,” according to Marton Barcza, PPO's Product Specialist.
Sarah Geronimo, OPPO Philippines brand ambassador, graced and performed at the launching event that was held in Shangri-La at BGC. According to her all these camera features allow users to “get the perfect shot on the first snap, anywhere and anytime.”
So what are the features of OPPO F1 Plus that brings out the bigger and better selfie?

Beautify 4.0 – is the beautification app that enhances the look in a snap. According to Sarah “ you'll never have to take bad selfies again thanks to Beautify 4.0, which serves like your own styling team.”

Selfie Panorama – this makes a wider selfie range with its extra-wide 120 degree shots and what's more interesting is that it seamlessly combines three photos to not miss anyone in a group shot. Sarah G said, “I'm sure everyone will look good in every ‘groupie' because of the F1 Plus easy-to-use Selfie Panorama.”

Specs of the F1 Plus gives more reasons for it being bigger and better with its elegant frame with a 5.5-inch AMOLED display and protected by a 4th Generation Gorilla Glass nut still comes ultra-thin as 1.66-mm bezels.

The F1 Plus is built with a 4GB RAM and an 8-core processor that gives a faster response for selfie shots. It has a VOOC Flash Charge that requires only 30 minutes of charging time to reach 75 percent capacity. The battery last up to 14 hours and 5 minutes of constant use. This device also features the all-new ColorOS 3.0 and the Touch Access technology for faster unlocking of phone which gets only 0.2 seconds.
With its features and specs, the OPPO F1 Plus is indeed a bigger and better selfie device for individuals who loves to capture great moments.

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