July 27, 2020

Fitness and Technology, Then and Now

credit to the owner of the photo

Fitness and technology, are they a match made together for a healthy lifestyle? Well, of course, they are. For more than years of developments, there are lots of fitness equipment, gears, and fitness suits or apparel created for the consumers, fitness experts, and health enthusiasts. These are all developments to create less tension equipment when doing the exercise routine or moreover to give a better result.

Remember the exercise machines in the 50s up to the 70s? Well, if you're going to look back, I'm sure you're going to react 'what is that thing?' And probably some would comment 'Jurrasic.' It is indeed if you're going to compare then and now.

One machine that captured my attention the waist trainer for women. It's odd-looking, but I'm sure that during their time, it's one of the hippest equipment that shapes the body. Letting the ladies have more curves in the right places.

If you're going back in time, what machine or gear would you think best fit to develop today? For me, well, I would love to incorporate the belly shaping shaking thing into a wearable gear. I know its kind of a weird thing to think something like that, but hey in developing products, imagination is your limit.

Though I know, there's a wearable gear today created to shape your body and Shapellx offers that kind of shaper. So, if you have a protruding belly, I know there is one that will fit your size, and it is because plus body sizes aren't a problem anymore, all you need is to find a plus size body shaper that is suitable for you.


So imagine if the technology of today were already available during the time of the 50s or the 70s? I'm sure there will more people living a healthy lifestyle. There won't be a problem to develop another machine for the different kinds of sickness that we already have. Or far better, these illnesses won't be a problem because they won't be able to grow and reproduce themselves.

Well, probably time and effort are two things that do correlate with each other, especially when it comes to fitness and health. With time and effort, a man can accomplish his goal without any regrets or foolish hopes in the long run. More work to stay healthy!

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