February 11, 2019

Vivo's Opening Salvo for 2019 Leaked

In the military, top secret is top secret. Leaking something out to the public will create chaos or sometimes misinformation. But, for brands with a firm name in the market, leaks are just what is needed to boost up publicity. Plus an idea that they are working something to reveal that will excite consumers.

Just like Vivo, in 2018 it cemented its position in the market as the innovator in the smartphone industry. They are always the one introducing breakthrough technology. From the Vivo X21, the first to feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, to the NEX series that boasts of additional impressive features such as a huge screen-to-body ratio, to name one.

The consistently remarkable releases just gets everyone all the more excited for what Vivo will pull out its sleeves next. An unofficial image circulating the web, of what might be the speculated V15 or the latest in the NEX series, shows that it might bring in a groundbreaking pop-up front camera.

The image suggests that this model that will truly highlight what it’s like to have a notch-less display has been in the works since early 2018. Meaning, the innovative OEM brand has been brainstorming how to create the smartphone with a full-screen display for a while now. And that this development might be the game-changer in the smartphone industry that we’ll get to see in the near future, if not soon enough.

Aside from the intriguing front elevating camera, rumors are that it will also jump into the triple-lens trend. Based on the image study, could we be looking also into a waterproof smartphone? While nothing’s certain at this point, what’s certain is that Vivo is keeping up the ante, and is definitely releasing something exciting this February.

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