February 20, 2013

Dell Supports Childhope Asia

Just recently Dell announced that the company has joined in the advocacy of Childhope Asia Philippines, Inc. (CHAP) to help close the learning gap among underserved children. CHAP will be receiving a Dell Powering the Possible grant that will facilitate its aim to empower street children through education and computer literacy.

CHAP's main focus is the underprivileged street children and out-of-school youth in Metro Manila. They aim to give them equal opportunities for learning through several programs, including basic literacy and numeracy, alternative learning system basic education, computer literacy, as well as life skills, values and primary health education. In order to make this possible and facilitate their outreach and protection/education program, the charity is aided by mobile education vans with street educators that are deployed to 18 locations daily where street children are commonly found like in the parks or on the sidewalks of urban centers just to teach children.

Photo credits to Rain De Ocampo of raindeocampo.com

The core of this partnership is to provide the underserved youth and educators with access to technology and serve as a catalyst for lifelong learning and career readiness. Dell technology will be used to equip the mobile education vans with laptops and the required education software to accomplish the work of accredited programs administered by CHAP, benefiting an estimated 500 children.

In addition, the grant will also enable CHAP to set-up a computer lab with Dell desktops to provide digital learning and basic computer literacy classes to 120 selected street children brought to the charity's premises and to the areas in Metro Manila where CHAP operates. The computers at the center will also be installed with a database program that will be use dby the 25 street educators for recording and tracking the progress of the street children under the program. This will greatly help in monitoring the welfare of the children and in evaluating the impact of the program to the beneficiaries.

Photo credits to Rain De Ocampo of raindeocampo.com
Teresita L. Silva, President and Executive Director, Childhope Asia Philippines, Inc. quoted “We're grateful for Dell's support in our efforts to defend the rights of street children by providing them with learning opportunities and knowledge that can help protect them from the vulnerabilities of life on the street. The education and skills they acquire will also go a long way in preparing them for a future as productive members of the community.”

“Our initiatives to empower youth by closing the technology gap and providing training in information and communications technology skills are focused on improving, enhancing and jump starting learning for life. By putting technology to work for underserved communities, we aim to help young people discover new possibilities, change their lives, and unleash true potential.” Richard Teo, President, Dell Philippines.

“Providing our world's youth with access to technology is something that is dear to me and dear to Dell. Our Powering the Possible program is designed to change the way youth learn and access information today. Our work with Childhope Asia is giving us the power to provide the technology, the know-how and the resources to help the next generation grow and thrive in their communities.” Ranjita Menon, Dell Giving Manager, Asia-Pacific and Japan.

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