November 6, 2012

A Toast and A Toaster, A Cute USB and Hub

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If you want to have your morning with a great smile all you need is a good meal like a toast and cute replica of it that is actually a USB Drive and a Hub.  Nice and very interesting to have in front of the computer.  This USB Flash drive comes with four (4) different designs with a capacity of 4GB.  Good enough to store some good old memories.  The four designs are called Butta, Crisp, Ry Ry and Tato which cost at around £12.99, while the USB Toaster Hub itself will retail for £17.99.  The only problem that I'll be having if I'm going to have one of this is that my kids will sure play with it.  

Aside from being a hub the USB Toaster with an SD memory card slot for expansion purposes.  Thus, this will make you manage more your data.   The only downside of this gadget is that it runs on a USB 2.0 which will make it have a hard time transferring files, etc.

The minor towers next to the citizen.

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