December 30, 2011

Clicking Brands!


Clicks, clicks, and clicks!  With the advancement of technology more and more companies are building and crating technology products for consumers.   Different brands are offering different gadgets and technology for people's convenience and of course leisure.

Iontech is one of the company that caters different technology products that are essential to people who are into techie and gadget stuff.  People needs to go with the flow of technology in order to adapt the present situation.

This is the first ever bloggers event of Iontech.  They wanted to reach more people to introduce more of their company's products and expose more of what they can offer to consumers.

Different brands with different products filled the needs of every tech savvy individual present in the event.  From data storage to hardware specs, from boombastic sounds to eye captivating picture and from one touch to brands that clicks!

Different brand managers present their product offerings like Sandisk for data storage, ASUS motherboard and EEE pad Transformer, Kingston DDR, Cooler Master and Powercolor for video cards and extreme gaming, BENQ's led TV, JBL's great sounds, Archos sleek tablet PC, and Razer gadgets for great and totally different gaming experience.

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