December 19, 2011

2 Local Telecom Company Rivals on iPhone 4S

If I'm not mistaken last December 15, a few hours before the release dates, two of the local's big and leading telecom company rivals on releasing their newest phone, the iPhone 4S.  Both companies set their dates on the same date making big decisions for phone users on which telecom company they would go to. The Globe and Smart Telecom!
Image on Globe's iPhone 4S feature and details page.

The same phone brand and the same features, I think the only thing that will change is the plan price per telecom company and of course what perks can each telecom company can offer. Still, the last say would be the buyer or the user of the phone.  It is their choice on which telecom company they would go to.

Image on Smart's iPhone feature and details page.

How about you?  Which telecom company do you prefer.

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