October 2, 2011

TDK Life On Record: WR700

I only know TDK when I was in elementary and high school. That TDK was common in my dad’s cassette tapes. Yes! I’ve seen it only on cassette tapes and I think my dad got a pile of cassette tapes from TDK brands. I thought I would never hear something from TDK again. Honestly, I thought TDK was already lost not until I heard that brand again in the Bloggers Blowout Event that was sponsored by Astroplus, OrangeMagazineTV & LG. I was shocked at first because TDK… I thought they were lost already but it seems that they’ve just been quiet for quite some time and they were busy developing technologies for their head phones.

I think I have been preoccupied by those big names that have been popping out in audio stores and nearly forgot the brand that my dad had love for quite long years. Yes, TDK cassette tapes had been our friend during those days that my dad was far away from us. The clear voice of my dad on the TDK cassette tape recording makes it as if he was talking beside us and that’s how clear it is.

Though TDK was quiet and a little bit creepy crawling underneath those big names, they were able to release some of their head phones that are being used by some people.

2010 when they had released they newest product called the TDK WR700, still struggling beneath those big brand audio names they managed to poke in some holes on that mantle of the head phone mainstream.

Though I have been with some choirs and was trained by some of the members of the known choir groups in the country, I still lack the ability to be very much keen with regards to sound recognition. So, for the sake and for the benefit of those who are newbies into music and head phones let us both discover things about this certain product.

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Specification Details first, which is based on the packaging itself.

Plug Type: 3.5 mm – this is the size of the plug being used. So basically it is the normal size used for headphones

Driver Diameter: 34mm – this is the size of the driver or maybe called as the speaker itself undressed of the glamour setup.

Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz – does not know much about this but of what I understand it is the signal of the headphone to the transmitter.

Sensitivity at 1 kHz: 106±5dB – this speaks about the responded that you can hear even to the tiniest recordings.

Input impedance: 32 ± 10% ohms – not very much sure about this specifications so I will just leave it to the experts.

Transmitter Range: 10m – this the maximum distance that the transmitter and the headphone will be much effective.

Other specifications are…

Non-compressed Stereo Sound – Preserves original 16-bit 44 kHz-digital audio CD signal quality. Kleer does not compress the audio prior to transmission resulting in uncompromised quality.

Dynamic Channel Selection Minimizes Audio “Drops” – Audio streams in the robust 2.4 GHz ISM band. Dynamic channel selection allows the transmitter to monitor interference and switch to another channel if necessary. 10 Meter/33 Feet Transmitter-to-Headphones Range

Ultra-low Power Consumption – 2 AAA Batteries provide 30 to 40 hours of listening time.

image courtesy of myce.com

What’s inside the box?

The whole box includes the following: Wireless headphones, 2.4 GHz transmitter, jack extension cord, storage case, plus (I just don't if this really comes in the box) 4 “AAA” batteries.

image courtesy of myce.com
The Review

For the weight of the headphone I could say that it is just a common weight of around 170g - 200g for the headphone and for our head to carry it anywhere and in mobile.

Technology used for the wireless transmission is called Kleer, basically it is like Bluetooth but with much clearer reception. Based in which according to what I have heard during the demonstration and a firsthand experience, the music is quite clear enough to be heard. I just have not tried using the TDK WR700 with some interference in the area. Another amazing feature with the Kleer technology is that the wireless transmission can transmit from the device to transmission up to four TDK WR700 headphones. So basically the family only needs one transmission to transmit the audio recordings or movie up to four headphones makes it much quieter to watch movies during late night weekend.

Discovering and flipping the headphones. As I flip it around I have notice that the earmuffs can be folded inward of the headphone for easy storage. In one of the earmuffs’ outer cover has a removable cover in which two AAA batteries can be placed to let the headphone runs as it should be.

Design matters, well I like the color combination of grey and black. Simple, classy and it rocks.

The wireless transmission is also battery operated that's why it needs four AAA batteries for it to run. The proximity for the transmission to work is about 10 metters. The span is just right for you to go mobile without the hassle of wirings that might get you into trouble some time.

Four batteries are just right to keep you from using the gadget in a span of 30 to 40 hours of usage. You can enjoy a lot of good music with that span of time but of course you cannot go alive and awake in straight 40 hours. We all need to get some rest and sleep and that’s what is one of the main reason why the TDK headphones goes wireless.

To some it all, since I can only based my assessment in what I have experienced with the product I could say that the TDK WR700 is one great gadget to have when it comes to mobility while the listening experience is perfect enough just like what is their slogan “Life on Record”.

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