October 24, 2011

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Limited Edition Flash Drive

At first, you would notice this little gadget as an ID card that you'll be swiping in your high tech office to get an access but hey it's a 4G USB Flash Drive.  Yes you're right it's a USB Flash Drive.  At first I didn't even know how to get the Flash Drive out.  After a few minutes of flipping and looking through it, I finally get it.  It was just a simple push to unlock it and then you swivel it outward of the card.  I thought I was supposed to slide it outwards.

Looking at it is just quite interesting because of its flatness and smallness.  Cool enough to have it around on your polo pocket.  Just don't put it in your wallet or your pant's back pocket because it's fragile and could break it instantly.  Well, gladly we were able to have this in the press conference of the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited held last week.

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