October 18, 2011

NET10's Semestral Break This October

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Net10 this October will be perhaps a good deal for most college students here in the Philippines, especially those exchange students and those who would go in the US to have their semestral break because this cell phone company is still one of the cheapest and value savers when it comes to communication expenses.  As we all know semestral break is a chance to have fun and relax for the students but of course parents also needs communication with them so this phone company will perhaps answer that call with Net10’s lowest, cheapest and great value of unlimited plans.  Aside from unlimited text of Net10 which students can inform their parents of their whereabouts and situations they also got their unlimited talk that can sure give assurance to parents of their young ones.

Students now a days are much well versed when it comes to gadgets and techie stuff so they would always prefer a very good and well designed gadgets that will suit their personality and needs. That’s what Net10 has install for most of the students, they got simple phones for simple needs, phones with essential features such as camera, video recorder, Bluetooth capability and mobile web which are all under $40.00.  They also got a full QWERTY keyboard phones, slider phones, and touch screen phones.  With these full features it is available for only under $60.00.

International Long Distance Service is also available to over 75 countries that only cost about 15 cents per minute on calls originated from US.  So parents will sure won’t have to worry about their students having semestral break in the US because these kids can call at them any time they want for a very minimal amount.

To learn more about Net10 just visit their site and check for some promos and details.  Here’s What Rob has to say and also some testimonies about Real NET10 customer.

Hecor net10 testimony by eriarka

Real NET10 customer

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