October 16, 2011

Luxuriously Odd Shape Vehicle

Image is credited to its creator.

I have been featuring concept designs of vehicles and other strikingly futuristic vehicles but this one is really way more than futuristic in looks.  It's odd!  When I first saw this picture on coolest-gadgets.com the first thing came into my mind was a cyclops.  The one-eyed giant.

Though it looks futuristically montrous it got lots of interesting stuff in it.  It is called eleMMent RV, this 40-foot long vehicle has a 500 square feet of usable area, a master bedroom with a very cool 40-inch flatscreen, and a couch and a table that can be transformed into a bar and lounge.  This vehicle is actually a truck with a 500 horsepower which has a fireplace, a pop-upsky lounge and fog machine plus a feature of glowing paint in the dark and a very cool vehicle wash system.

According to the creator this vehicle is designed oddly to giveway for fuel efficiency and of course going green for the environment.

It think this is great for those who would always love to go on strange adventures and journey.

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