June 3, 2011

Sony's VAIO S Series Laptops

I have been wanting so much to have my very own laptop but it seems that opportunity is quite not good to me. Up to now I still don't have my own laptop. Now there are lots of laptops, notebooks and tablets coming out in the market today and so many varieties to choose from. I just hope that once I get my own laptop I get to get the best.

Sony is one of the leading brands when it comes to gadgets and electronic products. They have established their brand name not only with regards to their advance technology but also with their adaption to people's life style. As the fashion industry rolls their new collection so does in technology industry. Sony never stops unveiling new models and new products.

Sony's VAIO laptops are some of their finest products when it comes to laptops. VAIO laptops have proven their worth in the industry and has been used by many people so now they are unveiling the newest in the VAIO Series, the VAIO S Series.

With this S Series portability, performance and power is merge in a thinner and lightweight design. This S Series will be available in burnish brown, jet black or platinum silver with magnesium and aluminum materials. The laptop is about 13.3 inches in measure with a thickness of about 0.95 inches and weighing only about 3.8 pounds. Very much good for people who are always on the go but still wants some good style.

This S Series will be powered by Intel Core i7 processor, AMD Radeon HD 6630 1 GB Hybrid Graphics card in some models with 1 GB VRAM, dual channel solid state drive with RAID Technology option, once touch VAIO, assist and web buttons, integrated webcam, LED backlit keyboard and face tracking technology.

Now will this be available in Philippine market, lets just hope so but based on the release of the VAIO laptop they have somewhat gained favor in most of the Filipino users. The only matter to discuss here is the cost of each VAIO S Series when it landed Philippine soil.

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