June 16, 2011

Razer's Gaming Keyboard for Star Wars: The Old Republic Game

image from coolest-gadgets.com

Razer has been one of the leading brands that provide game peripherals. They produced number of products for hardcore gamer and mild gamer. One of their latest gaming gadget is made to match for this specific game which will be released soon. So what was this game, well it's one of the famous movies which have shown six parts (I think) of its story, it's the famous Star Wars. Bioware and LucasArts will be releasing a new game very soon and Razer will also be be releasing its Star Wars gaming keyboard. The keyboard has a highly sensitive multi-touch LCD track-panel. I really don't know yet how it will be used but it looks great seeing something different on a keyboard.

Perhaps if this gaming keyboard of Razer clicked with the hardcore gamer, lots of gaming companies will be making their exclusive gaming keyboards. At least there will be a great differentiation between a working keyboard and a gaming keyboard. The only problem is that the more games you have the more gaming keyboards you'll be piling on your room.

So, lets watch out and wait for this new gaming gadget and hoped that the prize will just be fair for most game enthusiasts.

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