June 27, 2011

Panasonic's Toughbooks

Laptop and tablet pc owners are always looking for a good quality gadget that they can rely on with their work. Since most of professionals and even bloggers always go on mobile. Sometimes there are events and works that are rugged. A real time posting of events or an immediate response to your boss needs a very good quality gadget or a not so sensitive laptop or tablet pc. We cannot really always keep those laptops and tablet pc unharmed in a very rugged environment. With this Panasonic has finally attends to that needs by creating one of their new series of Laptop the Panasonic's Toughbooks.

The Toughbook C1 is claimed by Panasonic to be the world's lightest 12.1" convertible tablet,
the Toughbook C1 is also tough enough to survive up to a 30" drop. Aside from these Toughbook C1 they numbers of toughbooks that has different features that are really perfect for the working professionals whether it is rugged or just plain office works.

Multi Touch and Digitizer Screen. This feature is well defined and good for those who are inclined in Photography and Graphic Arts. The Toughbooks has a touchscreen and a digitizer using a stylus pen. Another great feature about this is that when a stylus pen is being used it automatically shut off the touch screen features to give way for the stylus specially when signing a digital documents. It also goes when your doing an artwork.

Triple hinge design. This is one of the great feature of this convertible PC. The common problem with convertibles are their hinge connection and that's where the usual problem starts. Panasonic designed this technologically to provide a good set of hinge for the rotations and conversion.

Hot-swappable twin battery design. Another problems of laptop owners that were addressed is the battery and the process of replacing the battery. In old laptops you need to switch off the laptop before changing the battery but in these Toughbooks, it has two compartments which allows you to put one of two batteries at the same time. So if you want it to be light just place once battery and just swap it with the other battery by placing the battery on the other slot before removing the other one. This means no downtime in using the laptop. This is really great for mobile professionals who stays long hours out of the office.

Ergonomic Strap and Dome Hand Support. In most laptops, carrying is one of the problems of people who constantly get hand sweat causing them to drop their laptops and break it. With this feature an individual can easily have a good grip of the laptop and avoid accident of breaking their it.

Light weight and rugged design. Aside from the strap and dome hand support the entire laptop is also supported with a magnesium alloy casing to provide protection against electromagnetic waves and it also provides good heat dispersion to avoid overheat and electrical failures. With the rugged design this can also withstand a 30 inches drop while on operation.

Spill-resistant Keyboard. We all know that most spills happens in a coffee shop where laptop owners hang out. Anyway that's just an observation. This feature is well made because aside from having a waterproof sheet to cover the keyboard and pad area it also has a small drainage system to drain any liquid that gets inside the keyboard and pad. Making it easier to dry.

This laptop is well recommended for the working professionals, field workers, and bloggers who's always on the go. This will available to the US next month and according to coolest-gadgets.com the prize is around $2,599.00. If you're expecting to have it locally, well, we will just have to wait.

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