May 6, 2011


When I see this one my first reaction was that "oh one of our driver has this kind of gadget". Yes, our company driver has a gadget like this which he uses when we are on travel. Of course he don't want his passengers to get bored of their travel. The best part is that he got lots of list of music on his USB. I just don't know where he gets it.

Now, this gadget is used by car owners who only have car stereo, so meaning high tech cars don't use this. This gadget is used by tapping into the car stereo by having the same frequency setting. The cool part here is that any car stereo or stereo that get into its range will play what ever you are playing in your list. Isn't great! Hey this will run if you plug it into the DC Adapter of the vehicle.

I just don't know how much it cost here locally but I'm sure it is much cheaper but I just don't know about quality of the gadget. Based on our drivers gadget it is still working up to now and he has it for almost two years already.

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