April 11, 2011

Devon Watch

I'm not really a fan of watches but I find this one quite interesting to look at. The design is metallic, more of a steam punk design, and cool to wear. I know if I wear one of this people will eventually try look at it and ask what kind of a watch is that. Then this watch would be the center of attention. You don't have to make a scene just to be noticed, I think by just simply wearing something attracted and fascinating like this watch will for sure give you enough attention that you want.

If you think that this intriguing watch doesn't cost much well think again. This watch is called the Devon Tread 1 Watch and for sure it will tread down your finances if you're going crave for this one. The watch cost is about £15,000. I don't know how to convert the amount but it is for sure expensive. Maybe if I got to be a billionaire this would be just cheap but facing reality maybe I would just say good bye to this one. I rarely like watches but if something like this is really not for me.

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