October 28, 2010

Fluid Computer Systems Joins the Tablet Market

Fluid Streams

After the introduction of the Apple iPad. Lots of companies are now joining the tablet market. Making and competing with the rest of the tablet creators. Showcasing their different features, capabilities and durability. One of them who just joined in the tablet market is the Fluid Computer System.

This tech company is know for its innovative products. They have decided to offer their first mass-market Windows 7 PC tablet just right for the Holiday Season. They were going released only 1,000 units of their slate-style multi-touch screen computers. Here's the specifications of the tablet PC, 10.1 inch display, Wi-Fi connectivity, flash-friendly browsing, 1GB RAM, a 160GB hard drive, an Intel Atom processor, and Bluetooth connectivity, all for the prize of $599. Now will they hit the market of what?



1 comment:

Ardorm79 said...

This is great that more companies start competing in the tablets-branch, because this way the devices will cost less ;-)

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