April 26, 2020

4 Points to Like About Rapoo's Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gone are the days of the typewriter, but hello mechanical keyboards. Yes, our product review this time is about Rapoo's Mechanical Gaming keyboard. If you have been following www.grabtechdude.com, you'll know that we are giving our honest review and positive feedback on different tech products. So, I'll be sharing my experience and technical details about this gadget.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you're familiar with the typewriter, I'm pretty sure you'll understand what I'm telling. The feel of the keys and the effort of your fingers pressing against the keyboard let you reminisce about the old school typing.

The age of disruption did make a lot of changes in our norms, one of which is the keyboard that we only often use when typing letters and memos. Now it is being used into gaming, the new sports in the online world.

At the beginning of testing the gadget, I'm into watching the one-season series of "The King's Avatar," that's the live-action. The story was interesting because it's about e-sports. Saw several keyboards and mice used in that series, and it was eye-catching. Not sure of the brands used in that series but I'm sure they're all top of the line products. But of course, our review is about the product Rapoo VPro v500.

While using the keyboard, I discovered 4 impressive points about Rapoo's Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that can watch-out by the potential buyer or user of the gadget.

  1. Keys have a manageable and practical design. For those who love minimalist products, this one is for you, especially if you only after the functionality and less of it's lavish aesthetics.
  2. Keyboard keys are very responsive. Not sure how to measure the response rate of the keys, but for an experienced typist gives me the edge to tell about the gadgets condition when it comes to its response time when you're typing fast. The satisfactory feeling of getting your fingers works even though it's the era of disruption.
  3. The visual display can put you in a trans, a sound mood of color. That is in the comfort of your show at your work station. Of course, the backlit glow varies from different customization using special keys on the keyboard. The display can be set from fast to slow, and even to responsive keys or to illuminate certain key areas.
  4. Affordability is also one aspect to consider. When buying your preferred keyboard, to use whether on a simple typing job or going on a pro gaming activity, quality and affordability should always come into mind. The gadget looks durable enough to withstand any heavy-hand-user, and for only Php2,795.00, you can buy it at Silicon Valley, Complink, and PC Express. 
These are my points about Rapoo's Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, of course, it also has some other features and performances that will encourage you to use this product.

  • It has a dedicated numeric keypad, for people who love to use the number pad area.
  • The V500 RGB comes with a spill-resistant design to get through some minor spills while playing or working. But of course, we should always be careful with liquids.
  • Backlit settings can be customized with the keys Fn + Esc, F1 up to F12, and brightness can be set with Fn + Left or Right arrow keys. 
Probably the only turn down about this mechanical gaming keyboard is the size. It doesn't have any palm rest.

With all the features and performances that Rapoo's Mechanical Gaming Keyboard currently has, I can say that it's a good deal for affordability and performance for a mechanical gaming keyboard.

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