May 14, 2018

So Far The ULTIMATE Gaming PC Setup I've Seen

Just zip it! This is too cool. If you have around $30,000.00 and you don't have anything to do with it maybe you can have one of this.  A very very cool set up of a gaming PC. It got your center monitor with side panels, a cool lit gaming keyboard and mouse, more likely of a lazy boy couch, and a fridge and snack container area on the side. Now you'll definitely will have a cool playing experience. 

So, what will I do with my $30,000.00 spare money, will have this. 

Just one more thing not sure if I would have a cool place to have this set up. Anyway it's cool and exciting to play games on this one. 

Will try to save some and if we got lucky create something similar to this. 

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