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May 28, 2016

alcatel Introduces Three New Products To Philippine Mobile Market

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alcatel, one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands, introduces three new products to up the ante in the country’s smartphone industry with the introduction of three new mobile devices, namely IDOL 4S + VR, MOVE TIME TRACK & TALK watch, and PLUS 10 with 4G LTE Keyboard.

According to Liza Woods, alcatel Regional Director for Asia Pacific and Country Manager for the Philippines said, “alcatel has been known globally to redefine the mobile mass market with its latest mobile technologies that have been designed to be accessible by everyone.” “Now, it seeks to continue delivering customized user experiences with innovative, feature-rich, high-performance mobile devices that allow consumers to do more, create more and enjoy more moments of joy every day,” added by Ms. Woods.

The three (3) new products are following with features explained in a few.

The IDOL 4S + VR, this is alcatel’s flagship smartphone. With this alcatel gives user’s experience up a notch showcasing a unique, finely crafted design and of course its innovative features.

The Book Key is a level up of custom-made features. According to Ms. Woods, the boom key features boom-ifies everything, from the sound to photos to gaming. The IDOL 4S + VR got so much features that users will definitely have a unique experience with it. It comes with a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera and 8-megapixel front camera. It has a 2k AMOLED screen display and a 3000mAh quick-charge battery that can last all day. The innovative packaging design transforms into a pair of virtual reality goggles that create virtual reality experiences anytime, anywhere and become a portal for users to enter the world of immersive 360-degree viewing and gaming.

The MOVE TIME TRACK & TALK Watch which is for and designed for kids from 5 to 9 years old, this 2G device allows parents to call or send them voice messages. With its simple user interface, children can reply to calls from up to 10 pre-set contacts and make calls to 5 registered numbers.

Mr. Vittorio Di Mauro, General Manager of Smart Connectivity at alcatel, said that, “Connected objects are part of the daily experience of young children today, so MOVE TIME can fit easily with their needs and parents’ needs.”

With the use of a blended GPS, SM and Wi-Fi functions, the watch can locate children within 60 seconds using the most accurate information, both indoors and outdoors, that’s to a dedicated cloud services. It is compatible with both iOS7 and above and Android 4.3 and above. The battery has a long standby time as well which lasts up to four days.

The PLUS 10 with 4G LTE Keyboard is alcatel’s first 2-in-1 device that runs in Windows 10. This tablet device can use in laptop mode to type documents or create spreadsheets, and in dock mode to display presentations or slides. It can be connected to a hard drive, mouse, USB key and a secondary screen. It is compact and 40 percent lighter than any average laptop.
“We’re very proud of all the functionality we’ve built into it,” said Di Mauro. “PLUS 10 goes everywhere I go – the house, the office, even the park! It’s a fun product that sparks a lot of conversation.”
The combination of the tablet and the 4G LTE Keyboard totals to a power of 8,410 mAh that can lasts up to a full 8 hours of working day. The keyboard works double-time to serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 15 users. Lastly, this device comes with both front and rear-facing camera and what’s interesting is the front flash which is ideal for video calls or perhaps a selfie.

These are the newest products from alcatel for the millennial and Gen Z consumers.


May 22, 2016

Clay Red for Urbanears X Roland-Garros Collab With Its Active Hellas Headphones

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For all of individuals who loves tennis and at the same time an enthusiast or die-hard fan of headphones, Urbanears got something for you. If you want to get into the groove of tennis playing while listening to your fave music Urbanears in collaboration with Roland-Garros has rolled out their newest edition of its Active Hellas headphones that is quite interesting to have during the tournament.

Urbanears is well known for its individuality when it comes to color. So for this season and for the tournament, the brand swing out their newest headphone in Clay Red which is made for the collaboration with Roland-Garros. So talk about being in this headphone fits exactly to sweat on the tournament’s famous surface of champions.

The tournament started last May 16 – and will run until June 5 2016. It is the legendary Roland–Garros tennis tournament or most commonly known as the French Open will once again volley into action. Held in Paris each spring, the sporting event fills the city with the world’s most skillful players, crowds of devout match goers, and contemporary art lovers for 14 days of panache.

Swedish headphone brand Urbanears is honored to take part in the Roland–Garros tradition through this first time collaboration. The result is a clay-red edition of Hellas, a pair of sweat-friendly wireless Bluetooth headphones from the new Active collection.

“This official collaboration is an epic moment for us” says Oscar Axhede, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Urbanears. “Our special edition Hellas celebrate that creative flair and passion we see played out at Roland– Garros each year.”

“We’re delighted to work alongside such a design-conscious brand like Urbanears to color a pair of headphones in our trademark clay-red.” says ValĂ©rie Cattini, Brand Manager from the French Tennis Federation.

Sports headphone Hellas keep it classy on the courts with a washable headband and ear-cushions, a built-in mic, and a swipe interface that lets you cycle through your power-playlist with nothing more than finger play.

The Roland-Garros edition will be available for purchase at Roland-Garros stadium shops, at select stores and online at for $120.

Own it if you're a fan!


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Facebook :
Twitter : @Urbanears

May 14, 2016

Catch This Summer’s Biggest Wave as ASUS Philippines’ “7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo” Finally Hits Shores

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Manila, Philippines (11 May, 2016) — Channeling your summer state of mind, despite the sweltering heat, will definitely be a whole lot easier (and not to mention, more fun!), now that ASUS Philippines is all set to offer this season’s hottest deals, what with the special “7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo”.

The heat is definitely on as ASUS allows you to make the most out of your summer budget with incredible price discounts on some of your favorite ZenFone models, such as the ultimate traveler’s dream smartphone: the ZenFone Max (ZC550KL); the hot-shot smartphone that still keeps turning heads: the ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML); the surefire smartphone that nails those “instagrammable” selfies: the ZenFone Selfie (ZD501KL); and the best-value handy smartphone that can really splash some color and fun to your summer: the ZenFone C (ZC451CG).

Revealing the bigger story behind the “7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo”, ASUS Philippines Marketing Manager Jamie Zaldivar shares, “More than just your ordinary seasonal promotion, this campaign actually marks an incredible milestone for ASUS Philippines, as we have just recently reached #1MillionIncredibleFans on our Facebook page. The ‘7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo’ allows us to both celebrate with and also give back to our growing community of loyal fans, and at the same time, really give everyone the kind of fun and incredible summer they truly deserve with their ZenFones on hand.”

With this breakthrough, ASUS Philippines encourages everyone to not be left out on the special “7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo”, dive into their nearest authorized ASUS re-sellers nationwide, and get their hands on any of these four ZenFone variants at discounted prices:

Max Energy, All-Summer Long!
Throw those worries and concerns about your smartphone’s limited battery life out the window, and maximize your summer spirit with your ASUS ZenFone Max (ZC550KL) that packs an incredible 5,000mAh battery capacity. Enjoy long-lasting 3G talk time of up 37.6 days; or 32.5 hours of web browsing over WiFi or more than 22 hours of video playback wherever you go this season, all for a special price of PHP 7,995.00.

For more information on the ASUS ZenFone Max, visit:

Want an ASUS ZenFone Max for yourself, check this Where to Buy list:

Bring Your A-Game This Summer
The world’s first-ever smartphone to feature 4GB RAM, the ground-breaking ASUS ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) continues to marvel the tech-savvy with its unprecedented performance, making it the perfect smartphone to enjoy uninterrupted and smooth game play this summer. Whether it’s beating the heat at home or hanging loose by the beach, this smartphone can definitely transform those dull days to an even more action-packed summer! And with a discounted price of PHP 11,995.00, the 32GB ZE551ML is definitely this season’s biggest steal!

For more information on the ASUS ZenFone 2, visit:

More Snap-Happy Summer Moments
When faced with the old adage, ‘Pictures, or it didn’t happen!’, then you better make sure that your selfie game this summer is on point! Widely regarded as the ultimate smartphone for selfies and for other photos, the ASUS ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL) packs a twin 13MP PixelMaster camera and a dual-color, dual-LED Real Tone flash for both its front and rear cameras. And with a special summer price tag of just PHP 10,995.00, ASUS Philippines gives beach bums and travel junkies alike the chance to capture even more incredible memories this season.

For more information on the ASUS ZenFone Selfie, visit:

Want an ASUS ZenFone Selfie for yourself, check this Where to Buy list:

Keeping it Cool and Colorful This Summer
Making a style statement and standing out this summer won’t be a problem with ASUS Philippines’ best value smartphone to date, the ASUS ZenFone C (ZC451CG). Available in four fashionable, vibrant colors, this lightweight smartphone marvel is designed to match your unique style this summer, while also being ideal for superior everyday performance and use between personal needs. The ZenFone C is up for grabs for a very budget-friendly price of PHP 3,695.00.

For more information on the ASUS ZenFone C, visit:

The 7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo is currently running in all authorized re-sellers nationwide at the following price points: ZenFone C (PHP 3,695.00); ZenFone Max (PHP 7,995.00); ZenFone Selfie (PHP 10,995.00); and ZenFone 2 32GB (PHP 11,995.00).

Check them all if you want!

Promo : 7 Days of Summer ZenFone Promo

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