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September 12, 2014

Sharp AV Rack, For Your Entertainment Pleasure

ads here too shares one of the products of Sharp which give people who loves to watch their favorite TV series, documentary, or favorite movie great entertainment experience for hours, especially during weekends or holidays. Big TVs or the smart ones are nice but it would be better if it is accompanied with better audio quality. Sharp AV Rack brings that experience for your entertainment pleasure. 

For the discriminating Filipino consumer, it’s not just about the crisp clarity, vividness, and lifelike superiority of video and images that matter; the richness and fullness of the accompanying audio also matters. Sharp Philippines Corporation, one of the country’s leading and trusted appliance brands, understands Filipinos’ search for top-notch audio-video quality for their home entertainment appliances. That is why the company offers to all Filipinos the Sharp AV Rack (ARS-300W).

One of the Sharp AV Rack’s best features is its multipurpose quality. Not only is it a simple TV rack for TVs up to 42-inch (with up to 40kg load capacity), it also acts as an instant sound system. With its 6,000-watt Peak Music Power Output (PMPO) audio power, the Sharp AV Rack is sure to fill the room in with superb sound superiority. It acts as a 2.1 channel speaker for your TV to make sure you will never miss anything from what you are watching, especially your much-loved sci-fi movie or series. The down-firing subwoofer will definitely make you enjoy all the booms and the bangs as it offers glorious and chest-rattling power of pure bass qualityEven without turning on the TV, you can still enjoy the aural glories of the AV Rack.

Besides its technologically first-rate audio quality, the Sharp AV Rack’s elegant design with Wengue brown finish makes it a perfectly stable TV rack. The Sharp AV Rack is a good addition to your modern home’s aesthetics, whether in the living room or if you’re chic enough, probably in your own home theater.

Sharp AV Rack
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