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September 23, 2013

Dell Expands Support for Youth Learning in the Philippines

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Earlier this year, Dell awarded a grant to Childhope Asia Philippines (CHAP) through the Powering the Possible program. This program is Dell's way of supporting and empowering the youth and providing underserved communities with access to technology.

Last September 19, 2013 Dell announced that it has joined the advocacy of Children's Joy Foundation Inc. (CJFI) to help close the learning gap among underserved children. CJFI will receive a Dell Powering the Possible grant that wil facilitate its aim to empower the youth through education and computer literacy.

So, Dell not only makes the technology but extends the technology to those deserving communities just like CJFI. CJFI assists neglected, abandoned and surrendered children and youth in seven children's residential centers and several communities across the country. In which, one of's correspondent was able to join during the visit. The foundation supports these underserved children through educational assistance such as the “Empowering Children and Youth through Computer Literacy” program. This program provides the beneficiaries with the opportunity to increase their familiarity and learning ability in information technology through formal and informal activities.

The grant will enable CJFI to set-up computer labs with Dell desktops to provide basic computer literacy and other digital applications classes to at least 1,210 children and youth sheltered a the Children's Joy Residential Centers, as well as from the marginalized communities served by the foudation through its outreach program.

Rose Dimaganaong, Executive Director, Children's Joy Foundation, Inc. extends their warmest thanks to Dell, “The Children's Joy Foundation would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Dell Philippines for choosing us to be a recipient of the dell Powering the Possible grant. It will alow us to set-up two computer laboratories that will benefit 1210 children and youth in Metro Manila and Davao city. The program can provide them with compuer skills that would help them find a job in the future.”

“We are proud to be able to partner with Children's Joy Foundation to support its efforts to empower youth through computer literacy. This program will focus on providing opportunities to youth in marginalized communities who have the eagerness, interest and aptitude but are limited by circumstances and resources to fulfill their passions. We have set up a few computer labs at CJFI centers in the Philippines and Quezon City is just one of them. We expect to bring the benefits of the program to even more children over time. Our strategic ell Giving program targets foundations focused on youth learning, children cancer, disaster relief and social entrepreneurship. Dell contributes one percents of its after-tax profits to non-profit organizations doing work in the communities where our employees and customers live and work.” that's according to Richard Teo, President, Dell Philippines.

Children's Joy Foundation, Inc.

Dell Philippines

September 14, 2013

Western Digital Event, Connect, Secure and Collaborate

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Connect, secure and collaborate!  This is one of Western Digital's main thrust with their latest model of storage devices.   Thanks to Infoworx Inc. for this Western Digital's event which brought information to potential clients, business owners, buyers and users of these storage devices.  The event was dubbed as "Defining the Ultimate Storage for your Business".   One of the highlight of the event was the updates and lectures coming from the Western Digital as they shares the help they can give to business owners and potential clients with the Network Attached Storage or NAS device which is the WD Sentinel DX4000.  

The event was held at the Arctic Hall, Hotel H20 in Manila Ocean Park.  Clients, business owners, potential customers or buyers, and other Western Digital product enthusiasts were present in the event to know more about this Western Digital products. 

During the event proper correspondent Justin was present and was able to grasp some of the explanations and lecture about Western Digital's Sentinel DX4000.   Western Digital highlighted the features that will give more reasons for business owners to grab one of this NAS devices and how it can accelerate the business with the innovation.    

  • Easy to set up. Easy to manage.  Simple setup.  WD Sentinel comes with everything you need to centralize your business files.  Once it's set up, it intelligently manages drive and network status, reducing maintenance time so you can focus on your business.
  • Enterprise-class data protection for your small business.  built on proven technologies form industry leaders.  WD Sentinel small office storage server offers your business a complete data protection solution for your peace of mind.  
  • Built-in Remote Access.  Enhance your business efficiency and productivity by enabling anytime, anywhere access to your business information.  your employees and trusted partners have secure access to your company files without the complexity and expense of a VPN solution. 

Of course aside from the WD Sentinel DX4000 there are also other storage devices that Western Digital offers like the My Book Live Duo which comes in 4TB, 6TB and 8TB.  These device let you enjoy your content more safer than ever.  All contents are double-safe.  

Well perhaps another highlight of the event was the raffle where individuals present in the event won prizes like the MyBookLive with 3TB, MyPassport with 1.5TB, and MyPassport with 500GB.  Lucky them!

Check out Inforworx or PCWorx sites for other events!

Infoworx Inc.
+63 (2) 575-1500
384 B E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City

September 7, 2013

Get Your Ways with Divisoria Guide App #DivisoriaGuideAppLaunch

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The launch of this application is just right for the beginning of the ber month and as we all know Pinoys are very much attached with their extended families that they always look forward for the holidays.  The best place for them to get gifts is Divisoria.

Here's the press releases about this newest application that is now being downloaded and used by many people.

Manila, Philippines (September 6, 2013)– From this day onward, anyone can snatch the best deals in Manila's famous market place with the help of an app – and without worries of getting lost.

Divisoria Guide App for iOS, an application created by young Filipino entrepreneur from Palawan province, John Christian Yayenwill be available for download starting 5pm on Friday, September 6.

The app, which will be sold at $2.99 or around P130 at the App Store is the best would-be-mobile-essential for new and aspiring entrepreneurs, and bargain hunters as they explore the country’s biggest marketplace for bargains.

Divisoria Guide App’smain feature is the offline map that covers all the streets in the crowd-drawing Divisoriamarket in Manila. Notes and tips on how to score a deal as well as what street merchandises to buy were also featured in the app.

As someone who already got lost in the crowded Manila area several times before, Yayen said he decided to work on the App not only to help himself but also other small business owners and ordinary consumers who might be interested to shop at Divisoria but are hesitant to do so for they have no idea where to go,not to mention the fact they are very concerned with their safety.

The 24 year-old BS Nursing graduate of the University of Santo Tomas added,“Divisoria Guide is the perfect appfor everyone who would dare to visit that part of Manila especially nowadays that even search engine giant, Google has very limited information about it.”

Yayen said locals and even the Chinese businessmen who frequent the area are not even that familiar with the places that he just discovered while doing his research for this app. His almost one year of hard work made him realize that Divisoria has a lot of things to offer – from the basic commodities at very low prices that attract local and foreigners alike to as huge as the Filipino culture and history.

With this app, mobile app users can now access great information in just a click of a keypad.

With plenty of information on establishments, products, and other useful utilities, the app would help users in many ways, which include saving a lot of their time, money and effort.

Indeed, there's no better way to explore Divisoria than by having this reliable app on one's iOS device.

Divisoria Guide App will also be available for Android soon.

Divisoria Guide App
Twitter: @divisoriaguide

September 6, 2013

Connect, Secure, Collaborate

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CONNECT. SECURE. COLLABORATE.  It is something that Western Digital and Infoworx wants to share to people, specifically to business owners.  They dubbed the event as Defining the Ultimate storage for your Business.  Highlighting the discussion, updates and lectures from Western Digital in helping business owners and potential businesses discover how Network-attached Storage or NAS can help turn IT innovation into business acceleration.

Read more on this blog soon for the story and the details about NAS.

September 4, 2013

HydroLux Cooling Solution From Digital Storm

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If there's a show Pimp My Ride, I would definitely want to have show Pimp My PC Station and speaking of pimping this cooling solution can sure make your PC experience pimped up.

Digital Storm unveils their HydroLux which is said to be a totally complete desktop cooling solution combined with liquid and of course together with the airflow cooling system with a fully customizable control software.

If you want to know more about HydroLux just head on to Digital Storm HydroLux and read more.
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