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August 24, 2013

ASROCK, A-Style, Your Lifestyle

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Last August was invited in press launch of the the ASROCK A-Style, Your Lifestyle which presented the latest motherboards.  Honestly this is the first time I've heard ASRock so I made a little run through of the products and their company.

According to their website ASRock Inc. made its way in the market in 2002 which specialized in the field of motherboards.  ASRock strives to build up its own brand with their 3C design concept which are “Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness”.   The company explores the limit of motherboards manufacturing while paying attention on the eco issue at the same time, developing products with the consideration of eco-friendly concept.

ASRock has been indeed growing fast and has become world third largest motherboard brand with their headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan and branches in Europe and the USA. The young and vibrant company targets from mainstream to enthusiast MB segments for different kinds of users, owning reputation around the world market with its reliability and proficiency.

Though ASRock is still new I think this brand has indeed answered most of the problems and needs for a motherboard.

Home Cloud lets users connect to their PC's from anywhere in the world at anytime, just as long as there is internet connection available. Even if the target computer is in sleep state or turned off, Home Cloud will power on that PC and let you remotely control it with a smartphone, tablet or another computer.  Note: Intel Remote Wake is supported on Win8 or Win8 64bit OS.

Purity Sound is a combination of several hardware, software audio solutions and technologies that will satisfy even the pickiest audiophiles. Including 7.1 CH HD audio with Realtek ALC1150 audio codec, 115dB SNR DAC with Differential Amplifier, TI® 5532 Premium Headset Amplifier which supports up to 600 ohm headphones, cap less Direct Drive technology, EMI shielding cover, PCB isolate shielding and support for DTS Connect.

Conductive liquids such as water pretty much destroy all kinds of electronics on contact. That's why ASRock has implemented a special layer of Conformal Coating on our motherboards, which makes the motherboards invulnerable to conductive liquids, corrosion and dust. Users won't have to worry about spilling liquid nitrogen, liquid helium or even clam chowder over their motherboards while overclocking.

*Conformal Coating may protect the motherboard against conductive liquids, but only to a certain extent. To avoid damaging your computer and other components, we still advise users to keep liquids a safe distance away.

802.11ac WiFi is a new wireless computer networking standard that provides high-throughput wireless local area networks on the 5GHz band with data transferring speeds up to 867Mbps. Get a kick out of the fastest connections with ASRock's 2T2R Dual Band 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth v4.0!

Tired of constantly switching devices to connect to your one and only monitor? From now on just connect the monitor to your motherboard, and connect your secondary device to the motherboard's HDMI-In port. With HDMI-In users may conveniently toggle between the computer's screen and the secondary device's screen with a hotkey, or even use their secondary device without powering on the computer.

August 15, 2013

Kobe Bryant Says Walang Iwanan for Lenovo Mobile

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Two things men enjoy most, aside from the beautiful ladies of course, one is gadgets and the other one is sports.  Lenovo made it clear that men and sports fanatics will definitely heed the call when their favorite sports superstar sprung and pose for a gadget.  And that is true as Lenovo mobile made Kobe Bryant says "Walang Iwanan" which is their tag line for their latest mobile devices.

The "Walang Iwanan" tag line of Lenovo has indeed catch the Philippine sports fanatics as Kobe stays in the Philippines for a one meet and greet with his fans at the SM Mall of Asia.  He was mobbed when he made a surprise appearance at the Lenovo lounge and showcased Lenovo's newest cutting-edge smartphones but before that a press conference was held at the Passion Restaurant at Maxim's Hotel in Resorts World where Kobe Bryant was featured as the endorser of Lenovo Mobile in the Philippines.  Kobe also shares some great things about the device and his personality.  

Kobe unveiled Lenovo Mobile's flagship innovations which was headlined by the ultra-sleek and powerful K900 smartphone.  Just like Kobe's all-star performance, Lenovo Mobile's cool gadgets combined with power and elegance.

With Kobe Bryant's inspirational talk and Lenovo's "Walang Iwanan" tag line all devices from A390, A690, A706 and K900 will sure be a hit to most Filipino fans.  All these devices run on the latest processors and Android mobile operating systems which takes them to the next level of technology and sophistication.

Mr. JD Howard, Lenovo's Vice-President for Mobile Internet and Digital Home (MIDH) Business Operations and Worldwide Business Development, was present during the press conference and according to him, "with the entry of our smartphones in the country, we want to make our presence strongly felt through none other than our brand ambassador Kobe Bryant.  Kobe exemplifies the qualities of Lenovo Mobile's line up of smartphones.  His dedication, his passion and his outstanding performance on the court epitomizes the power and elegance of our products."

After the conference there were also some lucky fans and winners of Lenovo Mobile's "Walang Iwanan" promos were treated to some pictures together with Kobe Bryant and a very powerful and inspirational talk, an intimate gathering in Newport Performing Arts Theatre in Resorts World Manila.  Kobe discussed the values that made him successful, values such as discipline, determination and a strong work ethic.  He further shared how he identified with Lenovo's "Walang Iwanan" campaign and how he won multiple NBA championships by valuing teamwork and trusting everyone in his team.

August 11, 2013

MagBak, iPad's Thinnest Mount Accessory

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Saw this one cool iPad accessory that is very helpful to those who wants to mount their gadgets on different surfaces to get their hands free while watching the most love TV series or favorite movies.

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MagBak is the name of the accessory that can be attached to an iPad.  It is coined as the world's thinnest  iPad mount.   It is said to be that it is so thin that no one would ever notice that it is a mount.  According to them it is inherently mounts to most metal surfaces that could be noticed if it is a mount or not.  The silicone texture makes it great for our grip which is designed perfectly to match with our fingers.

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This accessory protects iPads as it 1/2 mm thin, it lifts the gadget just enough to protect from scratches and other stuff that may damage the iPad.

I first saw this MagBak at one of my favorite gadget site which is the and then I tried reading the details through


August 9, 2013

GrabTaxi Application, The Philippine Taxi Industry Solution

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Online apps has been the craze of this generation. There are application or widgets that helps us in our daily lives. Some are to entertain, some are for personal use or reminder and some are there to help.

End of July an application online was launched here in the Philippines and the main purpose of the application is to help commuters locally get to their destination at the most fastest and convenient time. The fastest way was using the taxi and getting one during rush hour makes it really hard.

The name of the application was “GrabTaxi”. Just remember the green balloon icon with a fast taxi inside the balloon. This GrabTaxi is a subsidiary of MyTeksi, the first in ASEAN to use smartphone to smartphone cloud-based technologies for taxi booking and dispatch and one of the fastest growing social start-up companies.

The society constatly faces the many challenges that the local taxi industry has caused. Passengers face the same difficulties in getting a decent taxi driver especially dring rush hour, as I have writtten earlier. The Philippine taxi industry is not as solid as the other countries. There are different owners and operators roaming around the metro that makes it really hard for the passengers. They even get confused as to which taxi operator to rely on and which phone number to call for taxi bookings, and therefore solidifying the lack of trust that is already prominent.

GrabTaxi is created to improve taxi markets by introducing simple, cost effective mobile-based technology to both the supply which is the taxi fleet and the drivers, and the demand which are the passengers that will optimize the matching process between both. Making things a lot more easier. The vision is to revamp the taxi industry and to provide public transportation mobility for all by developing a sustable solution for a very real social pain. By combining top talent and disruptive technologies and innovation, GrabTaxi wishes to create a hight potential self-sustainable social enterprise that will help bring Philippines to the forefront of the technological development wave.

So how does the apps work? GrabTaxi developed an automated smartphone booking platform which comes in two solutions:

For fleets that have existing call bookings, a smartphone will replace the driver's existing CB radio as his primary dispatch conduit. GrabTaxi will then provide the fleet an operator system where its current taxi call bookigns will be inputted then blasted to only the available drivers closest to those specific booking requests.

For fleets without call bookings, drivers will also use smartphones as their dispatch tool. GrabTaxi will then market smartphone apps across the major platforms (i.e. iPhone & Android) that will enable passengers to directly book taxis around him with no ned for an intermediary.

Both solutions propose a more efficient menas of taxi booking and dsipatching because of the following main features that GrabTaxi boasts:

  1. Taxi bookings are only blasted out to drivers that are in the passenger's 3km radius, therefore allowing faster pickups.
  2. The taxi booking job is flashed to the driver's phone with important information such as pick up point, drop off point, and even additional tips from the passenger. He has the option to bid for the job with just a touch of a button.
  3. The algorithm for whoevern wins the bidding is always the closest interested driver to the passengers, again allowing faster pickups.
  4. Once matched, both driver and passenger are given direct contacts to each other for better communication.
  5. Passengers are able to see assigned driver's location and important details such as name, plate number, photo, and phone number post-booking.

Here's a better look of the app in colors.

GrabTaxi, Inc.
3/F Loyola Plans Building,
849 A. Arnaiz Avenue, Brgy. Bel-Air,
Makati City, Philippiines

August 5, 2013

Lenovo Mobile + Kobe Bryant Equals Thrill In Manila

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A good surprise from Lenovo Mobile for all Filipino basketball fans as NBA superstar Kobe Bryant gives a thrill in Manila for a one-day engagement on August 12 at Resorts World Manila.  This time, the much-awaited return of one of the world’s best basketball stars is set to answer a different kind of call.  Instead of displaying his renowned basketball skills as he has done in the past, Kobe’s visit will be highlighted with a talk to inspire his fans and launch Lenovo Mobile’s lineup of high-performance mobile devices aligned with their new campaign, “WalangIwanan.”

Fans are more than welcome to meet the superstar athlete when he comes to the Philippines to celebrate the Lenovo mobile event called“WalangIwanan Manila”.  By joining Lenovo Mobile promos and activities, they can easily get the chance to win exclusive access to the event and have photos taken with the star.

WalangIwanan Manila Promo Fanspurchasing LenovoMobile phones, from authorized resellers on August 1-8, 2013get a chance to win free tickets to Kobe’s visit in Manila. An electronic draw will be held on August 9, 2013 to determine the 1000 lucky winners who will be given free tickets. For more details, visit


For the #WalangIwananKobe promo, participants are encouraged to show their support for Kobe through their most creative greeting app.Fans can join through Zappar app by “Zap”-ing the special code on the life-sized Kobe standees located at authorized Lenovo smartphone dealers nationwide.Participants must share their photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag: #WalangIwanan or send them to together with their name and contact number. The top ten most creative greetings will get to represent Kobe’s fan base at the event and present a token to The Black Mamba himself.

To give fans an even more exciting experience, 100 guests will also be selected at random for an exclusive photo taking and signing session with Kobe Bryant.

Go Be Kobe

Kobe fans may also get the chance to manage the lenovomobileph Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts during his Manila trip and get exclusive to the star, simply by sharing why they are Kobe’s biggest fans. All participants have to do is tweet their answers to @LenovoMobilePH or tag Lenovo on Instagram using the hashtags #GoBeKobe and #LenovoK900. Fans can send an unlimited number of entries but only the most creative ones will get the chance to be chosen.

The excitement intensifies as Lenovo Mobile wows Manila with the arrival of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant with the cutting-edge LenovoMobile smartphones. Join the Lenovo Mobile promos now and get that chance to know what “WalangIwanan” really means. Check out or log on to or more information.
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