May 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Review & Experience

For nearly a year now I have been using this Samsung Galaxy Pocket. An android smart phone that is just right for a beginner of someone who's not really familiar with the android phones. Perhaps the nine month long period of usage is enough to make a positive clear, right, and hopefully concise review of this product. It has given me an opportunity to be familiar with the icons, applications, make up of the gadget, and their uses. I may not have fully maximize the use but I think I have used the most important applications and features of the smartphone.

  • functionality as a phone. The voice is coming through clearly. There is just a scratchy sound pn the background perhaps its due to the connection or signal.
  • functionality of the apps. most of the common apps that are being used is working well with the unit but there are some that is not compatible with it.
  • functionality as a camera. though it produces low resolution image its good for snapshots and portrait shots. Just avoid using the zoom function it pixelates the images specially when your too far fom the subject.
  • video functionality. for recording, the video function is capable enough to record long scenes, of course you'll be needing a higher micro sd data storage but I think don't go beyond 32G. It will only make processing run slower. A 16G of micro sd is good enough to store more but if you want to have a faster and better run of the system just go with the 8G.
  • audio functionality. if you're always playing music and listening to the radio I can say that the Galaxy Pocket is great for playing music, portable enough to carry around.  Teamed up with an exquisite and quality brand earphone or headphone makes it more cool to have.
  • internet and modem functionality.  Connecting to wifi or 3G is simple and hassle free but of course depending on the signal of the network in the area.  It is also a good modem to use when you don't have any broadband stick with you.  Just plug and tether, presto!

Don't have gadgets of its contemporary to compare it with but perhaps when I get one will do the comparison.

So, basically my review of the Samsung Galaxy Pocket is based on my experience and understanding with gadget.   More reviews to come!

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