April 17, 2013

Trek's Flucard Pro, A Wifi SD Review has another device for review that photographers or just camera enthusiasts will love this. This is another storage device but much more handy than my previous reviews of storage devices. Handy that you can just place it in your pocket but of course don't forget that it is there. Hahaha!

Our item for review today is the Flucard Pro Wifi SD from Trek. I didn't know that SD cards are now equipped with wifi or wireless frequencies. Though this device is already out in the market, for sure that few people does know about this, so for the benefit of those who doesn't know yet, we will inform them by sharing this simple review of the item here at

Trek or Trek 2000 International Ltd is a Singaporian company who's the originally invented and patented the thumbdrive which we are now using. Now, with the era of gadgets connecting wirelessly they have created the Flucard with a wifi technology to easily send files or pictures to other devices without using the bulky and troublesome cables.

So, let's see what's with this Flucard Pro Wifi SD with 8GB of data storage offers.

Product Features, Specifications and Capability
This Flucard Pro WiFi SD is an SD memory card with a physical layer version of 2.0. Runs with a WiFi technology of 802.11b/g/n. Wireless capability can reach up to 20 meters for camera to wifi devices but camera to camera it reach up 6 meters but varies with camera model and design. A security setting that can be set whether WEP 64/128, WPA, or WPA2. The maximum connection speed rate is 65 Mbps with a transfer speed of up to 2Mbps depending on the brand and model of the camera.

The Flucard has a built-in buzzer that beeps to indicate connection. It is just odd hearing a beeping sound at first but you'll get to use with it and you'll know that it is working.

Setting up the Flucard pro is easy and no installation of any software is needed. So how does this work? Well, all it needs is insert the Flucard Pro, switch into the gallery mode, look for the “Settings/Review” photo and press delete. You'll eventualy hear a beeping sound then after that its all set. Flucard Pro has created a WiFi Hotspot to connect. It can accommodate up to 5 devices. The default wireless SSID is “Trek_FLUCARD_WiFi”

This Flucard Pro has a web interface with an options like the “Photos”, “Videos”, “All Files” and “Upload”

Flucard Portal have 2GB of free online storage once registered. No credentials needed for this.

Files, photos, and videos can also be uploaded through the FTP server.

Just any other SD card, Flucard Pro has the same size and design compatible with devices using the SD card. Not sure if there are other colors other than its white color.

Price and Where to Buy
I have roamed around some computer and accessories store and it seems that the wireless SD card is not yet very much available locally. I even noticed that some of stores staff actually don't know it yet. So far the only store, individual or company that I know who sells this Trek Flucard Pro Wireless SD card are PCWorx with a reasonable price of around Php3,900.  You can also see some on online but just don't know if the shipping is included in it.

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