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April 27, 2013

Dell's New Concept Store in SM North EDSA Opens

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Don Navarro(Dell Sales Manager), Alvin Go(Product Manager),
Christopher Papa (Dell Country Manager), Manuel Villaroman(Villman President)
wife Girly V.,Charlz Adano(Dell Marketing Manager),Jay Ranola(dell)

Dell gets closer to the IT market in the northern metro with its recent concept store opening in the Cyberzone area of SM North EDSA Annex. The concept store will showcase an extensive range of the latest Dell products. Known for its high quality computer products, Dell has collaborated with Villman Computers to pave the way for the concept store opening.

“By having a Dell concept store, we are able to give customers a chance to try our products. Also, Dell specialists will be able to help customers in choosing the perfect Dell product for them.” said Charlz Adano, Marketing Manager of Dell Philippines.

Also showcased in the Dell Concept store is the XPS 12, a device that combines a powerful Ultrabook and a fully-featured tablet in one.

Mon Pablo(Dell),Eric Villaroman(Villman),Allan Sio(Touchstream Digital Inc),
Christopher Papa(Dell), Manuel Villaroman(Villman)

The concept store opening was attended by Dell representatives - Christopher Papa, Country Manager; Charlz Adano, Marketing; Alvin Go, Brand Manager; and Don Navarro, Sales Manager. Also present at the event were Manuel Villaroman, President of Villman Computers, Vince Polido of MSI-ECS and f Allan Sio of Touchstream Digital, Inc. Dell products are distributed by MSI-ECS and Touchstream Digital, Inc.. To know more about the latest news about Dell, visit their official website at

Alvin Go Dell Brand Manager, Eric Villaroman of Villman,
Vince Polido of MSI and Bryce Uy of MSI

April 25, 2013


ads here too features Crossfire, one of the leading First Person Game Shooter (FPGS) games in the world and also in the Philippines launches Crossfire Stars Season 1. A first ever game tournament that will hail a Crossfire Stars Champion that can win US$50,000 that will be held in Shanghai, China.  The tournament will guarantee the winning team in the Philippines US$5,000 cash prize and a shot to compete in the first ever Crossfire Stars Champion.  A total US$177,000 worth of cash prizes awaits the players in Shanghai China on June 1 and 2, 2013.

Philippine eliminations for Crossfire Stars Season 1 which will begin on April 27 at Netopia, SM Cebu and will be followed by eliminations on other Netopia branches: April 28, Netopia – Gaisano in Davao; April 29 – Netopia Metro Town Mall in Tarlac; on May 3 – Netopia SM Megamall; May 6 – Netopia SM Southmall; and May 7 – Netopia SM North Annex.

Crossfire PH will also be holding online tournaments where everyone can participate and have a chance to compete for the finals. The online tournament will be on April 27-30, 2013 and May 4, 2013.

Finalists for the online tournament will receiver P2,500 e-coins plus in game items for the 1st place, P1,500 e-coins plus in game items for the 2nd place and in game items for the 3rd place. Ingame items will be in the form of permanent lotto items from Crossfire. Winners of the tournament per leg at Netopia will receive gaming gears from Shopinas.

For those who want to register you can visit and download the application forms at Registration is only until April 25, 2013.

The Philippine Finals will be held on May 11-12 at the Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly at Cyber zone, SM North EDSA where the winning team will represent the Philippine at the finals in Shanghai China. The 2nd place will receive P20,000 in cash prize plus Steel Series items from Shopinas and the 3rd place will receive P10,000 in cash prize plus Steel Series items from Shopinas.

April 17, 2013

Trek's Flucard Pro, A Wifi SD Review

ads here too has another device for review that photographers or just camera enthusiasts will love this. This is another storage device but much more handy than my previous reviews of storage devices. Handy that you can just place it in your pocket but of course don't forget that it is there. Hahaha!

Our item for review today is the Flucard Pro Wifi SD from Trek. I didn't know that SD cards are now equipped with wifi or wireless frequencies. Though this device is already out in the market, for sure that few people does know about this, so for the benefit of those who doesn't know yet, we will inform them by sharing this simple review of the item here at

Trek or Trek 2000 International Ltd is a Singaporian company who's the originally invented and patented the thumbdrive which we are now using. Now, with the era of gadgets connecting wirelessly they have created the Flucard with a wifi technology to easily send files or pictures to other devices without using the bulky and troublesome cables.

So, let's see what's with this Flucard Pro Wifi SD with 8GB of data storage offers.

Product Features, Specifications and Capability
This Flucard Pro WiFi SD is an SD memory card with a physical layer version of 2.0. Runs with a WiFi technology of 802.11b/g/n. Wireless capability can reach up to 20 meters for camera to wifi devices but camera to camera it reach up 6 meters but varies with camera model and design. A security setting that can be set whether WEP 64/128, WPA, or WPA2. The maximum connection speed rate is 65 Mbps with a transfer speed of up to 2Mbps depending on the brand and model of the camera.

The Flucard has a built-in buzzer that beeps to indicate connection. It is just odd hearing a beeping sound at first but you'll get to use with it and you'll know that it is working.

Setting up the Flucard pro is easy and no installation of any software is needed. So how does this work? Well, all it needs is insert the Flucard Pro, switch into the gallery mode, look for the “Settings/Review” photo and press delete. You'll eventualy hear a beeping sound then after that its all set. Flucard Pro has created a WiFi Hotspot to connect. It can accommodate up to 5 devices. The default wireless SSID is “Trek_FLUCARD_WiFi”

This Flucard Pro has a web interface with an options like the “Photos”, “Videos”, “All Files” and “Upload”

Flucard Portal have 2GB of free online storage once registered. No credentials needed for this.

Files, photos, and videos can also be uploaded through the FTP server.

Just any other SD card, Flucard Pro has the same size and design compatible with devices using the SD card. Not sure if there are other colors other than its white color.

Price and Where to Buy
I have roamed around some computer and accessories store and it seems that the wireless SD card is not yet very much available locally. I even noticed that some of stores staff actually don't know it yet. So far the only store, individual or company that I know who sells this Trek Flucard Pro Wireless SD card are PCWorx with a reasonable price of around Php3,900.  You can also see some on online but just don't know if the shipping is included in it.

April 14, 2013

Buffalo LinkStation Quad Review

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This is our second brand review in search for a better network attached storage. will be trying to grab the sense of its features and its functions if it will fit for home based business or in a corporate environment.

Our second brand is quite known to me and I have been using one of their product since 2010. I find its performance interesting enough but of course it's a different product. This time will be trying their LinkStation which is also inline with the Network Attached Storage which provides secure and reliable centralized storage and backups for home and business needs.

So here's a short information about the Buffalo brand. The company is based in Austin, Texas, USA and perhaps that's why they named the company Buffalo, just a wild guess anyway. According to them “Buffalo Technology (USA) is a global leader in design, development and manufacturing of network and direct attached storage and wired and wireless networking solutions. With offices worldwide and deeply rooted industry alliances, Buffalo weaves innovation, reliability, practicality and performance into each piece of hardware and supporting software we manufacture and ship. Our goal is to provide top of the line storage and networking products that take our customers to the next level at a price they can afford.”

Just like I mentioned earlier Buffalo has been around for quite some time and their LinkStation Quad has been quite a handful to many home and office network system already. But this specific model/product caused me a little bit of confusion by just looking at it because there's another model that looks exactly the same with the one I'm reviewing. So what's the difference with it? Well the other model don't have a letter V mark in front while the present version has one. Its brand model is LS-QVL/E-AP.

Product Features and Capability
So here's what Buffalo LinkStation Quad has to offer for their customers.

Hardware features a 1.6GHz processor with a quicker DDR3 memory and higher capacity to store data with its four bays that can accommodate 4TB. Of course hard disk drives are each sold separately. One of its features also is the quick swap drives. It has a transfer bit rate of 72MB/s and supports RAID MODES OF 0/1/5/10. It also has an option to schedule backups from one LinkStation to another and with its two integrated USB 2.0 ports you can also store in an external hard disk. This USB ports can be found one at front and one at the back. Other than the USB ports it also has the Gigabit Ethernet jack and a power port for its bundled AC adaptor.

When it comes to data security and management, the Linkstation has a built-in DLNA/UPnP media server, Logitech Squeezebox support, a built-in BitTorrent client, an iTunes server, an FTP server and remote access via a web browser plus a WebAccess app for smartphone and tablet users. Thus, making data acquisition and storage more secure and accessible.

If you're talking of a very interesting design, well, don't expect very much.  Though the black color adds up to the beauty of the design  This time it may hit up a little squary and edgy.  The size of the unit is 149mmm x 233mm x 154mm box type without the curvy designs with a large fan for cooling purposes. Straight to the point but the quality of service is great.

Unit Price and Where to Buy
You can always refer and search for it online but locally I'm not yet sure of the price of this specific model but basing on what I've seen on if it increase by Php2,000.00 then perhaps the price would go between Php14,000.00 to Php15,000.00. This is not the accurate price so better always ask for the updated ones. Not really sure if PC Gilmore and PC Express has something like this also. So for now price comparison is not achieve because there are store that doesn't have this network attached storage device. Perhaps I'll update this once I have roan the pc and accessories hubs.
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