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February 23, 2013

Lenovo's Touchscreen Multimedia IdeaPad Z Series

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What's new with Lenovo?  Well, last February 20, 2013 Lenovo announced their latest touch-optimed IdeaPad Z series laptops.  These cool babies are designed to take PC users into new heights.

Here's what their Country General Manager, Ms. Vicky Agorrilla has to say about it, "Our slim IdeaPad Z touchscreen series equipped with Windows 8 is a testament to Lenovo's long term commitment of driving innovation by expanding into new form factors as we lead the way to the PC+ era," she also added "The Z series blends fashion, form, and function to address the evolving needs of Filipino consumers looking for a slim, versatile, and intuitive personal computer with great multimedia and multi-touch features at a competitive price point."

Mobility with Power in a Sleek Design
Perhaps three things are what most laptop users are looking for Mobility, Power and Design.  The IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 are Lenovo's answer to that.  These two are 25 percent slimmer than the standard notebooks but does not compromise graphic or processor performance.  The Z400 is powered by up to 3rd generation standard voltage Intel Core i7 processors and sports a 14-inch LED backlit HD widescreen display which addresses the issue of Power.  The IdeaPad Z500 on the other hand is powered by up to 3rd generation standard voltage Intel Core i5 processor and a 15-inch LED backlit HD widescreen display.  Both also come equipped with up to 1TB of HDD storage.  

Combined with the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics technology, smart features like Intelligent TouchPad optimized for the Windows 8 interface with easy scroll, zoom and rotate functions, and  access to Lenovo Cloud, the latest Z Series laptops offer users a slim laptop with robust performance.  Now ain't that cool!

With regards to computing experience, it also made more interactive as the IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 have a 10 point multi-touch technology allowing differnet users to perform multi-tasking at the same time on the same computer by making intuitive gestures on the laptop screen.

The IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 exhibits a sleek yet sturdy laptop design with its tactile soft-touch exterior and BacklitAccuType keyboard and wide array of colors such as Coral Blue, Dark Chocolate, Peony Pink and Enamel White.

Pricing and Availability
With regards to the cost, which can be changed anytime, the IdeaPad Z400 non-touch starts at Php29,995 and is now available at Lenovo Exclusive Stores and authorized business partners and the IdeaPad Z500 non-touch is priced at Php37,995 and will be available by end of February 2013.

The IdeaPad Z400 touchscreen version with Intel Core i3 is priced at approximately Php36,995 while the IdeaPad Z400 touchscreen version with Intel Core i5 is priced at approximately Php41,995.  It will be available at Lenovo Exlusive Stores and authorized business partners by April 2013.

To give more value to your money Lenovo is offering consumers a bundle promo with every purchase of Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 or Z500, example, customers will get three Lenovo computer accessories, specifically the Lenovo P720 headset, Lenovo M060 speaker and Lenovo N3903A mouse.  

Adding more, every purchase of Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 entitles the customer to 3 raffle tickets to win a special night in town with 10 friends on board the party limo inclusive of dinner at Aracama Filipino Cuisine located at The Fort, Bonifacio Global City and an after dinner party at Buddah Bar.  This promos will run from February 25 till March 30, 2013.

For more updates and news follow their Twitter account or their Facebook account 

February 22, 2013

Line Application Launched!

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February 14, 2013 is an extraordinary date, not with an individual but with an online application. Yup! NHN Corporation introduced LINE, the world's leading mobile messenger, in the Philippines. LINE offers the best free messaging, calling and group chatting, while integrating various social network service (SNS) elements like the Stickers and Home, Timeline and Line's multiple family apps including LINE Game and LINE Camera.
The World’s Hottest Mobile Messenger 
LINE Arrives in the Philippines!

- LINE is the fastest growing mobile messaging service in Asian and Western countries with various features as a ‘Smartphone Life Platform’
- LINE is keenly eyeing the Philippine market, as it is filled with a multitude of opportunities
- LINE plans to collaborate with various Philippine companies and carry out local marketing activities to benefit users
According to them, LINE started June 2011 and has rapidly surpassed the 110 million user milestone in 231 countries worldwide in just a year and a half. With this, LINE is tapping into the momentum to further expand its service worldwide. NHN Corporation is keenly eyeing the Philippine market, as we all know it is the texting capital of world so there's a great opportunity and potential market once it is penetrated. LINE plans to actively carry out marketing campaigns like partnering with local artists, animation and entertainment companies to release various localized content such as stickers and Official Accounts, solely for users in the Philippines. LINE also intends to outsource fun games through cooperation with Philippine game developers.

Mr. Hyunbin Kang, Director of LINE Business Office, NHN Corp, said "Through the continuous release of features, LINE has become wildly popular in Asia and is also rapidly growing in North America and Europe, as well as in Spanish speaking countries. LINE is an ideal communication tool for the Philippines, the world's text-messaging capital. users can communicate through various methods such as free messages, local and international calls, and even by playing games together." He also added that "LINE's fun stickers will also enable the users in the Philippines, who are known to freely express their feelings, to accurately illustrate and visualize their emotions. The Philippines is a new target market for LINE and LINE is striving to introduce localized dynamic and distinct features for users in the Philippines."

Aside from LINE's free messaging, they also offer voice call and group messaging with up to 100 people. Great for a big group discussion. Also they added some elements like the LINE Stickers which incorporates emotions with an enhance communication experience. LINE has four characters that represents them, they are Brown, Cony, Moon and James. Each of them have distinctive personalities that have allowed them to gain popularity from users all over the world.

Another LINE element is the Timeline, it is a personal space where users can share their life stories by posting pictures, videos and location information, and Official Accounts in which users can communicate and receive exciting contents from their favorite celebrities, public figures and corporate brands on a real-time basis.

Moreover, LINE allows users to enjoy these various features anywhere with any device. LINE is not only available for use on smartphone but also on various multi-devices such as PC and tablet. It is a cross platform communication service that supports various OS such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

As a ‘Smartphone Life Platform,’ LINE is always adapting and releasing something new to move beyond being a more communication tool, which is evident through its plethora of family brands. Details of its most popular LINE family apps are as follows:

  • LINE Game: LINE Game is integrated with LINE messenger to enhance interaction with friends and foster friendly competition as users can compare rankings.
  • LINE Camera: LINE Camera offers numerous decorating functions such as photo frames, stamps, unique filtered effects, brushes and font styles. Photos can be instantly shared with friends and family through LINE.
  • LINE BAND: LINE BAND is a private mobile group service for managing real-life relationships of various groups for classmates, co-workers, members of a hobby group, families and many more. Distinct functions include a gallery where members of a group can see all photos shared, bulletin boards, schedule check that includes members’ birthdays and anniversary dates, and even a poll feature that allows members to decide on time and place of a meeting.
  • LINE Card: LINE Card is an official greeting card app in which users can send personalized messages of love, thanks, or congratulations and can choose from various free card images. Users can also select their own image from their own camera album and insert it into LINE Card.

For more information about LINE, please visit its official website

LINE Facebook Page

LINE Official Blog

February 20, 2013

Dell Supports Childhope Asia

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Just recently Dell announced that the company has joined in the advocacy of Childhope Asia Philippines, Inc. (CHAP) to help close the learning gap among underserved children. CHAP will be receiving a Dell Powering the Possible grant that will facilitate its aim to empower street children through education and computer literacy.

CHAP's main focus is the underprivileged street children and out-of-school youth in Metro Manila. They aim to give them equal opportunities for learning through several programs, including basic literacy and numeracy, alternative learning system basic education, computer literacy, as well as life skills, values and primary health education. In order to make this possible and facilitate their outreach and protection/education program, the charity is aided by mobile education vans with street educators that are deployed to 18 locations daily where street children are commonly found like in the parks or on the sidewalks of urban centers just to teach children.

Photo credits to Rain De Ocampo of

The core of this partnership is to provide the underserved youth and educators with access to technology and serve as a catalyst for lifelong learning and career readiness. Dell technology will be used to equip the mobile education vans with laptops and the required education software to accomplish the work of accredited programs administered by CHAP, benefiting an estimated 500 children.

In addition, the grant will also enable CHAP to set-up a computer lab with Dell desktops to provide digital learning and basic computer literacy classes to 120 selected street children brought to the charity's premises and to the areas in Metro Manila where CHAP operates. The computers at the center will also be installed with a database program that will be use dby the 25 street educators for recording and tracking the progress of the street children under the program. This will greatly help in monitoring the welfare of the children and in evaluating the impact of the program to the beneficiaries.

Photo credits to Rain De Ocampo of
Teresita L. Silva, President and Executive Director, Childhope Asia Philippines, Inc. quoted “We're grateful for Dell's support in our efforts to defend the rights of street children by providing them with learning opportunities and knowledge that can help protect them from the vulnerabilities of life on the street. The education and skills they acquire will also go a long way in preparing them for a future as productive members of the community.”

“Our initiatives to empower youth by closing the technology gap and providing training in information and communications technology skills are focused on improving, enhancing and jump starting learning for life. By putting technology to work for underserved communities, we aim to help young people discover new possibilities, change their lives, and unleash true potential.” Richard Teo, President, Dell Philippines.

“Providing our world's youth with access to technology is something that is dear to me and dear to Dell. Our Powering the Possible program is designed to change the way youth learn and access information today. Our work with Childhope Asia is giving us the power to provide the technology, the know-how and the resources to help the next generation grow and thrive in their communities.” Ranjita Menon, Dell Giving Manager, Asia-Pacific and Japan.

February 14, 2013

Rapoo Reached Philippine IT Market

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Different peripherals for different gadgets have already flourished the market, specifically the Philippine IT market.  It has raided gadget-loving pinoy individuals.  Last February 6, 2013 multiple new line of IT products from Rapoo was introduced to the media as it celebrates its 10th year anniversary.  Aiming to become a major player in IT landscape alongside with the other giants.

Rapoo unveiled three of their product lines, first was the 5G Series which composed of 3920P, 7800P, 8900P and T120P; the audio series which composed of H8030, H6080, A3020, H3080 and A3060; and 2.4G optical mouse series which composed of 6610, 1190 and 3360.

Rapoo's penetration in Filipino retail stores signaled its success into the fast-rising IT landscape since its inception early last year.  Mid 2012 saw the introduction of the brand's line of innovative products, while making them available nationwide through authorized dealers.  What makes the brand phenomenal is the speed of their peripherals and the price which made them all the more accessible to a larger market base.

The 5G Series

The 5G optical mouse series runs on their newest 5.8G technology, which enables strong anti-interference capabilities.  With the surfree technology, each mouse boasts of a super power in order crossing that allows it to run on any interface.  Each one also performs remarkably well in power saving, with the 18-month long life of battery.  It's running in an expressway.

The latest 5.8 transmission technology enables an operating distance to as far as 10 meters, with a strong anti-jamming capability.  It is also equipped with a plug-and-forget NANO-receiver, just in case the receiver is lost, making it convenient for users to take.

5G Rapoo products are fast, are highly affordable, like the rest in other product lines, and truly delivers the features in any of its product series.

The Audio Series

For the audio series, the brand have wireless stereo headphones with amazing designs, adopting the patent of the on-ear design, equipped with comfortable earmuffs for noise reduction.  All can be used in a smartphone, tablet or laptop which makes listening more free.  With a maximum ten-hour runtime battery, it meets people's desire to enjoy high-quality sound reproduction at any given time.  Music is therefore enjoyed anywhere, whether at home, out shopping or when travelling.

Their portable speaker systems support Bluetooth 2.1+DER, and can work in wired mode through the 3.5mm jack or work in wireless mode by Bluetooth that is compatible with almost any audio devices. It also has a transmission distance of up to 10 meters during wireless mode.

The speak is controlled by a touch button that comes with backlight function. It has a built in rechargeable lithium battery with high performance.

2.4G Series

A stunning visual design is present in each of the optical mouse in the 2.4G series and aside from that it is also remarkably very well with its performance. The Rapoo 2.4G wireless transmission technology brings users a 10-meter working range of wireless connection without any interference. With its 1000 DPI high-precision engine, which is 2.5 times as precise as the ordinary optical engine, the control of the mouse is more accurate and smoother on surfaces.

The New generation energy-saving technology and power on/off button present in the 660 and 3360 models enable its batter to last longer making it work for 9 months freeing the trouble of frequently changing batteries.

Rapoo was a brand founded in Shenzhen by a 23-year-old Michael tsang, initially, as an original design manufacturer (ODM) provider in September 2002. Five years later, it formally introduced Rapoo as a brand and trade name. By December 2008, the label skyrocketed to the Top 3 compnies lording over the market share in mainland China. By 2011, it opened its shareholdings and went public as a listed enterprise through IPOs with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

And in celebration of its first decade in the IT industry, Rapoo has built the world's biggest wireless product plant as an answer to its burgeoning market share all over Europe (Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland), the Philippines and the rest of Asia Pacific.

Rapoo peripherals are distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions Philippines Inc.

For more information, simply lon-on to their website,
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