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October 29, 2012

RICOH Launches New Line of Printers and Projectors

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Ortigas, October 25, 2012 — Ricoh Philippines Inc., a worldwide leader in digital office equipment, today announced through its distributor in the Philippines, Iontech Inc. the World’s closest range ultra short throw network projector PJ WX4130N/ PJ WX4130.

Ricoh listens to the Filipino offices with typical issues on cramped spaces in small conference rooms. Ultra short-throw network projector can provide crisp and clear images even from only 4.6 inches from the wall ensuring that nothing comes between you and your message: no shadows; no noise; no glare. Use it to display images of up to 80 inches in meeting rooms, classrooms, museum displays, restaurants, bars, shops, window displays, anywhere there is a wall or flat surface to project upon. And because it is so compact and light, you can move it from room to room and even carry it to meetings off-site.

“My need for quick trainings for my retail merchandisers about office and product updates are easier to mount with Ricoh, I don’t need to bump off meetings when my boys arrive, I just need a quiet corner and a wall.” shares Joseph, a HR training head for a distribution company.

• World’s closest range projector:* can be placed just 4.6 inches from the wall.
• World’s only ultra short throw projector:* compact, space-saving vertical design.
• World’s lightest ultra short throw projector:* weighs just 3kg for true portability.
• Quick start/shutdown. Rapid 3 second start-up makes these projectors deal for impromptu, ad hoc meetings.

Ricoh also offers powerful features like quick start up and shutdown, user logo function, auto set function, HDMI interface, 3D ready , wireless remote and Kensington lock system. Ricoh’s projectors come with a standard three year warranty.

Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group, operates in more than 200 countries and regions. In the financial year ending March 2012, Ricoh Group had worldwide sales of 23 billion USD.

The majority of the company's revenue comes from products, solutions and services that improve the interaction between people and information. Ricoh also produces award-winning digital cameras and specialized industrial products. It is known for the quality of its technology, the exceptional standard of its customer service and sustainability initiatives.

Under its corporate tagline, imagine. change. Ricoh helps companies transform the way they work and harness the collective imagination of their employees.

For further information, please visit :

October 17, 2012

Gear4 Launched In The Philippines

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Gear4 is a brand owned and managed by Disruptive Limited, a UK-based company established in 2004 and one of the first companies to create a dedicated brand of iPod accessories under the name of Podgear label.  In 2006 they rebranded to Gear4 which made its products in many of the leading UK retailers.  Presently Gear4 holds one of the highest sales volumes in the European market for both the docking audio and MP3 accessory markets.  The passion for music and the desire to do justice to the capability of iOS devices have helped Gear4 evolve into what it is today.

For this year the British brand has partnered with Iontech, Inc. which is one of the Philippines' leading distributor for IT and consumer electronics, introduced their speaker system and accessories in Philippine market.  Iontech believes that Gear4's sound quality and the innovation that they introduce into every product from the entry level to the flagship models will make a very big impression on the Philippine market.  Speaker docks like the 16mm thin StreetParty Size ) will find its way to many bags and backpacks of teens who love to share their newest tunes.   And the 30-watt boomer HouseParty 4 Evo is sure to host many living room parties.

StreetParty Wireless Speaker

We are now in the verge of mobility and the desire of having freedom in motion that's why Gear4 created a range of wireless Bluetooth speakers.  More choices and more speakers to fit in every personality.  The HouseParty Rise 2 Wireless and the HouseParty Portable Wireless know that whether at home or on the beach, you can just simply have the mood for a dance.

AirZone Series 1 Speaker

The Airzone Series 1 is the flagship product of Gear4 that will let audiophiles sit on their listening chair, at their most preferred distance, and listen to inspiring reproductions of their favorite jazz and standards through Apple's AirPlay wireless technology.

It is pretty obvious that people in Iontech were in gusto as Gear4 has collaborated with entertainment media company, Rovio, to create an Angry Birds line of speakers.  These are all well crafted speakers that play real loud and good sound.  With the launch of the Bad Piggies game, the upcoming Angry Birds animated series, and the much awaited holidays, Gear4 has timed the release of the Angry Birds Mini speakers.   Five adorable birds from the famous game that fans will love to collect.  And they probably will because they can be linked in series to make a long speaker line as well.

Angry Bird line of speakers

What intrigues me more is their other products that are well sync with the current demand for different apps or applications.  Gear4 created the SmartLink App.  Free from the iTunes store, installing it will work wonders for a Gear4 SmartLink compatible dock.  The app features a music player that allows access to your music library and display album artwork in full screen.  It has an FM radio that can auto tune, save and organize your favorite radio stations.  It adds clock and alarm functions that will sync to your iPod/iPhone/iPad.  The app will tell you the current climate on the animated weather display and up to five days forecast to help you plan the week ahead.  SmartLink will also let you do all these wireless if you wish.

Unity Remote
The Unity Remote, a Gear4 product that has earned a CNet UK Editor's Choice Award.  It is an infrared module that, together with the Unity Remote App, turns an iPod, iPhone, or iPad into a universal remote control.  Fully command a TV, radio, receiver and DVD player all form an iPhone.  It's a highly intuitive and customizable, stop wasting time going through different remotes; control all of them, surf the net and post a status all from an iPad.

Since music is like a medicine to our soul, one of Gear4's product, the Renew SleepClock offers what eludes a lot of us these days better quality sleep.  It is a unique alarm clock dock that has a built-in wireless sleep monitor.  Designed to detect sound, breathing and motion, it knows when you fall asleep and will gradually quite down your bedtime music.  It also senses your sleep states and will wake you up with your personalized alarm at the lightest point of your sleep in a given time period so you start your day feeling light, refreshed and happy.  The Renew SleepClock App will record your sleep patterns throughout the night sharing information such as the time you spent in bed, time it took for you to fall asleep, time spent in deep and light sleep and how many sleep interruptions you had.  It will then compile and analyze weeks and months of data, along with your sleep journal entries to give you advise on how to make you sleep better and to track your progress over time.

Renew SleepClock

Gear4 will surely catch the attention of Filipino teens and young adults who not only love to share their music, but those who are also looking for value in the small investments they made.  More than just pumping out exciting sound, Gear4 throws in thoughtful features with their products that add function and convenience to have them around.  Gear4 and Iontech are also aware of what the market wants and needs, so in the next few months they will be launching a line of universal speaker docks and apps for the fiercely loyal Android users and their devices.  So we all hope to see the party get bigger....

Now, Gear4 Speaker docks and accessories are available at major consumer electronics and IT retailers nationwide.

MOVE, A Meralco Application

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With the development of online technology and vast number of popping applications, Meralco, with the motive of growing with the present trend made an application coined as MOVE or MeralcO Virtual Engine. This application is now available for download from the Apple AppStore, Google Play, and Blackberry App World.

So what are the six applications that are packed in this MOVE application suite?

  1. Meralco Office Directory where users can find the nearest Meralco office in the area.
  2. Bayad Center is an easy locator for all the Bayad Centers where it is one of the convenient ways to pay the Meralco bill.
  3. Meralco Appliance Calculator helps in computing the amount of electricity an appliance consumes.
  4. Bright Ideas provides information and learning on better ways to use and save electicity.
  5. Power Maintenance Schedule keeps users up to date on the power maintenance schedule in the area.
  6. E-Meralco Bill let users view the latest bill even when on the go.

Now you can move with an ease with the MOVE application from Meralco.

For details, check, like Meralco on Facebook, or follow @meralco on Twitter.

October 15, 2012

X-Play Launched 2K Sports' NBA 2k13

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Early this month X-Play Online Games, Inc., a subsidiary of IP e-Games, has partnered with 2K Sports to launch the critically acclaimed NBA 2k13 in the Philippines.  This will be some new excitement for the Filipino gamers who love sports, especially basketball.  On this NBA 2K13 cover, it features Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant on the cover making these three part of the next generation superstars.

The top gaming website IGN recently called NBA 2K13 "possibly the greatest sports game of all-time."  This year, 2K Sports transcends sports video games by joining forces with multi-platinum recording artist JAY Z, who serves as the Executive Producer of NBA 2K13.  The music icon personally curated the game's 24-song soundtrack, and lent his artistic vision to its interactive menus, pre-game introductions, and more.  NBA 2K13 also introduces the Control Stick, which gives players more control by mapping all dribbling and shooting to the right analog stick, as well as the long-awaited matchup between the 1992 "Dream Team" and 2012 U.S. Men's National Team.

Here are the improved gameplay features:

  • The Control Stick: For the first time ever, all dribble moves have been mapped to the right analog stick, as well as shooting, passing, and post moves.  String together devastating crossovers and clutch shots for maximum control and effectiveness.
  • Dynamic Shot Generator: Shots are now dynamically created on the fly, with all-new collision physics created in real-time.
  • Signature Skills: Each player has unique abilities that can alter the course of a game.  Players are modeled to impact the game in their own unique way, from Derrick Rose as a "Floor General" to Kevin durant being "The Closer."  Learn to use each player's unique ability and change the game on your terms.
  • Revamped Passing System: Improved fast break passing gives players more control.  Fire a bounce pass to a cutting teammate or go "Lob City" in transition.

According to Miguel Bauza, Vice President of Marketing for X-Play "We're very excited to launch such a prestigious game here in the Philippines and we're thrilled to be working with 2K Sports."  "We will be going around the country to engage the millions of NBA 2K Filipino Fans out there with awesome tournaments and raffle prizes," he added.

"NBA 2K13 is a great addition to the X-Play packaged goods portfolio," according to Heidi Garayblas, Chief Operating Officer for X-Play.  "We are very proud to work with 2K Sports on this project, and we are looking forward to bringing more blockbuster games to the Philippines."

NBA 2K13 is now available in the Philippines for PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system (P2,595), Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft (P2,495), PSP (PlayStation Portable) system (P1,895), and Windows PC (P1,995).

For complete list of retailers around the Philippines visit

Creative's Magic Sound BlasterAxx

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Creative has been one of the leading brands when it comes to audio. The company had shared their creations to every game and tech enthusiasts. They have made every games and music worth listening to.

Now, with the advancement of technologies, Creative needs to move forward as well by pondering their thoughts of bringing new developments and new creations. As a result one of the newest product of Creative were introduce a few weeks ago and it is called the Sound BlasterAxx Series.

Looks promising and sounds good with its model name. So let's get on with the details of the product. This perhaps will help us see what lies underneath its hood and of course now it as well for the benefit of those who are not well versed with it.

This series is considered to be a whole new generation of sound blasters. Creative has combined the legendary performance of the Sound Blaster heritage with the award-winning wireless speaker technology. According to them the Sound BlasterAxx will now take the magic of Sound Baster beyond the PC to the new world of smartphones and tablets.

So what is Sound BlasterAxx again, well it is the world's first all-in-one Sound Blaster. It integrates the SB-Axxx1 sound and voice processor, a Bluetooth wireless speaker, and a high-quality dual microphone array in one elegant design. Made to not only to work with the PC and Mac, but also with stereo Bluetooth smart devices (including the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets), Sound BlasterAxx leverages Creative's vast audio engineering expertise to deliver best-in-class audio playback for music, movies, games and voice communications.

How about the features? Well, we've guessed it already that it was going to be asked so here are some of the features that will sure make you long for it.

A Sound Blaster | Enhanced Audio
SB-Axx1 provides an awesome audio. A new generation of multi-core chipset that inherits all the features and technologies of the legendary Sound Blaster series, but is now boosted by an additional array of smart functions (it added a host of DSP processing enhancements in the area of hands-free communications) to tackle the challenges of the new market, as defined by the new mobile networked generation.

A Wireless Speaker | Amazing Playback
Sound BlasterAxx – with Blluetooth wireless Technology*, fantastic audio layout, and a sound and voice processor which is amazing at playback. Sound BlasterAxx works with just about all compatible stereo Bluetooth devices, including the iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets. *Except for SBX 8

High Quality Mic | Listens and Adapts
Sound BlasterAxx comes with a highly sensitive mic or which is called 'ears' that give your speakers the ability to hear! These 'ears' listen to your audio environment and adapt, removing the ambient noise that makes Sound BlasterAxx an extremely good communication enabler for calls! Sound BlasterAxx is also a great facilitator for voice apps on smartphone (such as Siri and EVA).

A Speaker with Special Circuitry | BIG Sound
Sound BlasterAxx* features superior amplified circuitry that delivers BIG sound and THUMPIN bass from just a tiny USB current. This also means that you can enjoy flexibility with your power connections. Just plug it to a wall outlet, a laptop or even a USB battery pack for use in 'standalone mode'. *Using an intelligent amplifier, sBX 20 consumes energy efficiently by exploiting the characteristics of an audio signal and can pump out power never before heard for a speaker of this size with only a USB connection for power.

Creative Central | Control in Your Hands
Sound BlasterAxx comes with an amazing app, Creative Central, that supports both iOS and Androied OS, so you can customize your audio which you now have a total control right from the palm of your hand.

Capacitive Touch Controls | One-touch Interface
Featuring backlit touch sensitive controls to adjust volume, effects and answer calls*. *Except for SBX8 – VoIP calls are controlled from the computer.

With the presence of its features, the Sound BlasterAxx can be claimed that it is great on three (3) things, Amazing for calls, Fantastic Audio, and Great at Voice Interaction. Perhaps it would be more great to own one yourself and have it experience more than what's in the guide.
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