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June 11, 2012

Meet PowerColor's HD 7000 Series

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HD 7770
A few weeks ago I received an invite from the local distributor of electronics brands, gadgets and products. Its to have a chance to feel, experience and see the power of the latest line of products from PowerColor. It's the launching of PowerColor's HD 7000 Graphic Series which was held at The Lounge in Tomas Morato. Showcasing their latest series which will benefit most of the professional gamers, gaming enthusiasts, and also for those who are just into gaming.

HD 7870

Together with media people, bloggers, professional gamers, and other guests, PowerColor brand through their local distributor Iontech made a very clear presentation of this newest graphic cards. Highlighting the very edge of this product and the how it tops with the other graphics in the market.

PowerColor graphic cards are built based on the 28nm manufacturing process, which at present, leverage with the other graphic cards technologies. These includes DDM Audio, HD3D Eyefinity, PowerTune, and ZeroCore Power Technology. The last two feature works together to bring out the best quality graphics performance in HD 7000 Series when needed and reduce power consumption when in idle.

HD 7950

To showcase one of the graphic power of PowerColor, organizers set up known games and let attendees experience the power.

HD 7970
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