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March 28, 2012

Cyberzone's Easter iButterfly Hunt

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(Updated Mechanics)
The iButterfly, an Augmented Reality Application based technology, that will be first introduced by SM Supermalls in the Philippines will be officially launched on April 8, 2012 across all Cyberzone branches. It will be the start of SM Cyberzone’s exciting summer campaign.
To give you an overview, the iButterfly is a fun and entertaining mobile information and couponing platform that tasks its users with catching augmented reality butterflies , each representing one or more coupons. It was previously created by Japan's Mobile Art Lab and has been successfully launched in Japan, Hongkong, Indonesia, and Singapore. The iButterfly uses 3 technologies: Augmented Reality for seeing butterflies in the real world, Motion Sensors for catching butterflies using a phone and Global Positioning System (GPS) for finding butterflies at a location. It is definitely a unique and engaging way to enjoy promos and discounts with your tablet and smartphone with the Android platform, and IOS on Easter.

To join the Easter iButterfly Hunt, just follow these easy steps:
  • DOWNLOAD- Using your gadget simply connect to the internet via data connection or Wi-Fi and go to the App store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). Download and save the iButtefly application.
  • CATCH- While connected, access the iButterfly application and start catching augmented virtual butterflies.
  • REDEEM- Claim your free items by merely following the instructions as seen on the iButterfly and present it to the participating Cyberzone stores.
More of the of the mechanics:
  1. No minimum purchase requirement.
  2. Promo period is April 08, 2012 from 11:00am to 9:00pm.
  3. How to play:
    • a. Each participant must have the iButterflyAsia application in his gadget (iPhone, smartphones, iPads and tablets with camera that is supported by iOS and Android OS (Froyo or higher version/s). The application must be downloaded in the Philippines using internet connection or via WiFi from iTunes App Store and Google Play (Google Market). The iButterflyAsia application will be available for download on April 08, 2012.
    • b. Each participant must launch the iButterflyAsia in his gadget. Internet data connection is needed while using the application. (Free WiFi available in Cyberzone and SM Mall common area)
    • c. To begin, simply register by using the iButterflyAsia application with your email address and password.
    • d. Participants can only access and see virtual butterflies if they are within Cyberzone branches. Virtual butterflies will only be deployed in specific Cyberzone branches. (Please refer to item no. 5 for list of participating SM Malls)
    • e. Participants should search for the virtual butterflies found and as seen on the screen of their gadget.
    • f. Participants simply have to catch the virtual butterflies using their iOS or Android gadget as their “butterfly net”. Participants can catch as many virtual butterflies as they can.
    • g. Each virtual butterfly caught has a corresponding message. Do exactly what the message states. Please see sample messages below:
      • g.1. You have won a Torque Bullet Pen, please proceed to the Torque Kiosk located at the Cyberzone area to claim your prize. Kindly present and show this message. Thank you.
      • g.2. You have won a CAPDASE Hand String, please proceed to any CAPDASE Authorized Store located at the Cyberzone area to claim your prize. Kindly present and show this message. Thank you.
      • g.3. You have won a Buffalo Notepad, please proceed to Octagon Store located at the Cyberzone area to claim your prize. Kindly present and show this message. Thank you.
    • h. Upon reading the message, participants have the option to “save” or “cancel” the message. Participants must “save” the message if they want to collect the prize and redeem, DO NOT PRESS the "CLICK THE REDEEM" BUTTON. Participants can “cancel” the message if they do not want to collect the prize.
    • i. If the participant wants to claim his prizes, he must proceed to the specific store or booth mentioned in the message. Winning participant must present the virtual butterfly with the message (on screen) to the Assigned Personnel of the participating store or booth to verify claim of prize/item.
    • j. Solely the Assigned Personnel of the redemption store or booth can press the word “claimed” or “redeemed” found in the screen of the gadget of the participant.
    • Participants are not allowed to press the “CLICK TO REDEEM“ button on their gadgets. SM, Cyberzone, and its partners shall not be liable if the said button was pressed before presenting it to the Assigned Personnel resulting to non-issuance of the prize.
  4. Participants can win multiple items but only one for each kind.
  5. The following are the participating SM City branches with SM Cyberzone:
    • SM City North EDSA 
    • SM City Fairview
    • SM City Manila
    • SM City Marikina
    • SM City Masinag
    • SM Megamall
    • SM Cubao Department Store
    • SM South Mall
    • SM City Bacoor
    • SM City DasmariƱas
    • SM City Calamba
    • SM City Clark
    • SM City Pampanga
    • SM City Tarlac
    • SM City Baguio
    • SM City Lucena
    • SM City Naga
    • SM City Cebu
    • SM City Bacolod
    • SM City Cagayan de Oro
    • SM City Davao
  6. Prizes are transferrable but not convertible to cash. 
It will definitely be an Easter to remember at SM Cyberzone where promos and discounts will fly around the malls. For more information please visit our website: and Facebook:

March 20, 2012

Infofree, Mix of Technology and Business

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This post brought to you by infofree. All opinions are 100% mine.


With today’s technology research is much more interesting and much easier to conduct.   It makes things done in a flash and updating it will just need a little swish of a finger.   Businesses rely mostly on the data that they get from researches.  The higher the number indicated on the chart the better stability it will get. is a website that provides database and sales leads company to help sales people and small business owners in achieving their goal and eventually their success.  The team behind has over 30 years of professional experience in building different databases and creating sales leads, so basically they are the company to ask when it comes to this subject matter.

Infofree experience.   Given a chance to explore infofree, I was able to use their database and was able to search some good list of easy sales leads that I can use in my future business/company if I were able to have one.  For now the said website offers information that is within the US.  I’m not sure yet when will they provide a little expansion of their services. 

Here are some of the services that they can offer or what they call a blogger special which is $39.95 in a month.  So, what can you get for that amount?  Well, here are the following …

  • Over 50 Databases to choose from
  • Unlimited search, select, view and download of Sales Leads
  • Unlimited business Credit Profiles
  • Unlimited view and print of Emails
  • See prospects on a map
  • People turning 65
  • Recent Bankruptcy Filers
  • Search by Area Code

So, if you have a small business running already it is really important to know your market, the range of your market, and perhaps the location as well.  With these, small business owners can already read if they can expand their business or change their location in order to be more productive and competitive or even predict their potential revenue.   Like I said business is a number game!

So for a start if you own a small business here’s your chance to get some of that database information.   I’ll be extending their offer for bloggers, use the code BLOG39 when signing up so you could avail the services for only $39.95.

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March 3, 2012

The Philippine Internet Congress and Expo

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For this quarter, a landmark event in the Philippines will be held this coming March 9 – 11, 2012 at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall. It is The Philippine Internet Congress and Expo, this will highlight the latest trends and updates in the internet. This event will not only showcase what’s the newest in the market but will also give emphasis on breakthrough ideas and insights of renowned personalities and industry leaders. This will be an immense opportunity to get invaluable ideas and practical advice from the best speakers and industry leaders, take home effective tools and latest resources, and to get up to speed on state-of-the-art online technology.

Though most of the topics are really intriguing and fascinating there is one topic that I would really want to attend to if I’ll be given a chance to sit in the Philippine Internet Congress. That topic would be “Protecting Your Business: What You Should Know About Hacking”. I know, for some of the readers they have already heard about it and even learned something about it but for me and perhaps for those who are not familiar with this kind of attack on different online businesses this is something that should not be taken lightly. Perhaps this topic will be of great help not only to people with online businesses but also to those who consider their online presence as a business.

Other topics that I would enjoy listening to is the “The Facebook Generation: The Impact of Social Media in Global Transformation” and the “From Entrepreneur to Technopreneur: Creating Revenue Streams From Your Site”. These are some of the topics that appeals interesting to me. Not really much sure of who are the speakers of these topics but I’ll definitely let my ears stuck with them when they started talking.

I already know some of the speakers and I have already heard some of them share their thoughts in some of the talks I have attended with, since Hans Montenegro is a celebrity I would like to know what are his insights and ideas.

If you’re anxious to hear these speakers talk about the different topics in The Philippine Internet Congress and Expo with a theme of “Getting Up to Speed on World Class Technology” better get your hands moving and sign up now. You can simply get the details and online registration on the following websites and or you may contact Kaye or Randolf at 470-1055, 470-1057 or 0905-3364486 to reserve a seat in the conference.
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