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September 30, 2011

Pinoy Gaming Festival 2011

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Calling all hard core gamers, gaming enthusiasts, game fans, plankers and Alodia Fans!  Mark your calendar on October 28-31, 2011 as the PINOY GAMING FESTIVAL 2011 hits the Cyberzone SM North Edsa.  This 4 day festivity is really a must see and a must be attended gaming event.  There will be lots of activities going to happen and there are lots of prizes to be won.  Just be there on the date and on the venue.  Make sure to bring cameras to take a picture with the Queen of Cosplay, Alodia Gosiengfiao.

This will be the grandest ever celebration of the gaming community. So reserved the date and be there! If you want to get details about the event just visit their facebook fan page Pinoy Gaming Festival and to tease you more about the event here is a teaser of the upcoming event.

September 25, 2011

Angry Bird Speak on Speakers?

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Image from

With the fast growing numbers of products and materials about Angry Birds here's something that I'm sure Angry Bird fanatics will sure love.  It's an Angry Bird Speaker.

This Angry Birds speaker support a 3.5mm jack will work on almost all other compatible devices.   This speakers has a 30W RMS power which is good enough for that Angry Bird sounds when you're playing the the game.  Of course not only that but also those music that you love to listen.

Well, the only thing is that I don't know where to buy this locally.  This speaker cost about £49.99 .


September 23, 2011

Facebook's New Look

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For sure a lot of online people have seen and experienced the new changes in Facebook. It has created different reactions from different people. Not sure about the yes part or those who agreed with the new look of Facebook but what we have been hearing from news and other social media is that the new look had created chaos on some people. They don't like how Facebook tweak it. Of course there are things in life that we could stay as it is because the only thing constant in this world is change so whether we like it or not everything will come to certain point that they will have to make changes and Facebook has come to that point. The only problem is that not much of online people liked what Facebook has done with the look. We think Facebook is cooking something. That's why they are starting and testing some new features in their site, so this is just the beginning of something new. Expect more to come from Facebook.

September 20, 2011

ElevE83 Your Entertainment!

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It was a very bed weather, during that time most people would possibly let go of the chance and head on with their bed stormy syndrome but for us who are eager enough to know what was the invite was for well we go on under the rainy condition. We don’t want to miss that ultimate viewing experience that they are talking.

The product was still undisclosed not until we arrived at the venue. The place was a unit at Picasso, which you already know it was elegant and at home. They really want us experience that ultimate viewing home style. Mats and bean bags were already on the floor and some of the attendees were already comfortable with their positions. It is indeed a home viewing experience.

After a few minutes the product was introduced to us, they had a little demonstration on the functions and features of the gadget. They even explained some of the capabilities that it has compared to some other brands. I think it was more of a walk through about the gadget because of the question and answer as they go through explaining the product. After the theories it was time to experience how the product works by having a movie viewing. It was great having a movie with a bed weather.

Some details about the product

The product was a multimedia player called Mede8er Med500X2. It is the latest generation multimedia player with unique features such as plenty of ports for HDMI, component, composite video, optical and coaxial digital audio, USB and Gigabit Ethernet; PAL and NTSC output up to 1080p/60Hz with an option for 24fs playback; audio options include 2-channel down-mixing and pass-through for both HDMI and SPDIF outputs; with browsing capability in which an external USB storage can be used as an alternative for an internal hard drive; connects seamlessly to both shared network drives and UPnP media servers; and an access to some of the websites on the internet like Youtube and Facebook.

For more updates on firmware releases and updated user manuals you can check out and

September 11, 2011

Get Your Net10 this September

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cute NET10 commercial

It’s already September and it is the start of the so-called ‘ber months’ or the ‘brrr months’.  I don’t know if it is commonly observed on other countries with regards to the start of the ber months.  For some it is already the start of the Christmas season, especially in the Philippines.  Filipinos do often consider starting the Christmas ambience in their homes.  Sometimes you can already see Christmas decors hanging from their windows or a Christmas tree standing at the center of their houses.   It’s quite weird but hey that’s the countries prerogative.   What is important is we get motivated and we get good extra bonuses.

So September is really a month to start the season of giving and for that, one company in the United States is already starting to offer something of great value to most of the people in the U.S. or the other side of the world for us.  Sorry for me that I’m not on that side of the world but if I do I would definitely love and be excited about their offers.  For now all I can do is share it to some of my friends out there and to make them be convinced that there’s going to be a great value to start this September. 

See the Light

If you’re a communication savvy or a really busy person who couldn’t get away of your cell phones all the time, then perhaps it would be better if that communication company can get you a better offer out of a cheaper budget cost.  Yes! There’s one that could provide something like that and take note it has no contracts to think about.  Net 10 is the company and right now for this month of September Net10 is offering their unlimited plan.

Some of the features inclusive of these offerings are…

  1. The Easy Minutes Plus Plan
  2. Pay-As-You-Go Plans
  3. Unlimited Minutes
  4. Switch between plans
  5. Airtime can be purchase online.

Aside from these, here are some of which that users get from this great offer.

  1. Long distance is available to 75 countries for about 15 cents per minute on call coming from the US.
  2. A wide variety of phone selection from Simple phones for simple needs, calling and texting capabilities; Phones with essential features, such as camera, video recorder, blue tooth capability, mobile web and more; and Full QWERTY keyboard phones, slider phones, and touch screen phones.Here are some of the things that their clients can tell you about their experiences.

Real NET10 customer

Since were in the social media world already perhaps a little visit to their facebook and twitter will do. 

Visit Sponsor's Site

Raining Stuff @ the Blogger's Blowout

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Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs”?  Well, if you do, imagine what if it rains gadgets, dvds and stuff?  Fortunately, it did in the event organized by and Astroplus held in AstroVision at Greenbelt 5 last September 3, 2011.  The event was dubbed as the “1st Bloggers’ Blowout” which is indeed the very first and I was glad to be part of that great even.  The event was divided into three parts or segments to accommodate and give way for bloggers with different niches.  The first part was the Music category which was attended by musically inclined and enthusiast bloggers; the second was the Movie category in which most of the bloggers who attended loves to watch and criticize movies; and the third one was the Gadget/Tech category where a lot of bloggers, specifically tech or gadget blogger who loves to talk about new gadgets and new techie stuff. 

The event where I registered was in the Gadget/Tech category where a lot of different product lines of earphones, headphones, videoke machines and speakers were showcased.  It was really great seeing all those top brands coming together in just one event to introduce their latest innovations and products.  To name some of those top brands were Pioneer, Audio Technica, Beats by Dr. Dre, Monster, Arial7, Bose, Jays, TDK, and Wow Videoke.  They did make us experience the product and even give information of their recent products and also their upcoming items and innovations. Of course some of us even won some cool prizes and the rest get their sets of headphones. 

I can say that I’m one of those who are very much drooling to have one of these gadgets.   But of course, if I would really want to have one or some these, I really have to make a very good review about it.  I do hope that the sponsors of the 1st Ever Bloggers’ Blowout Event would find my reviews interesting.   So I’ll be crossing my fingers with this and I do hope to find enough time to blog, share the experience and make a review of these very cool gadgets.

Generally, the event for me was a success and I think everyone did enjoy the day!  I got only one thing to comment about, perhaps a bigger space and venue next time.   Again thanks to the organizers and a two thumbs up for that!

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