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May 28, 2011

Avatar S New Gaming Mouse

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There's another set of gaming mouse from NZXT, the Avatar S. According to NZXT the Avatar S will the latest addition to their range of gaming mice. According to the designer of the Avatar S “We designed Avatar S as an intuitive solution that gives gamers maximum personalization with minimum hassle. Your profile settings can be easily configured and then saved onto the onboard memory in case you game on multiple rigs. When gearing up at a LAN party, the last thing gamers should have to worry about is whether or not their mouse is configured correctly. Avatar S eliminates that headache.”

Well for now I don't have anything to say about it because I have get a hold of it but according to the company the Avatar S will be available for only $39.99. Isn't it affordable enough for most of the hard gamers who looks for a best quality gaming mice?


May 22, 2011

New HP Pavilion

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I think HP has been quiet for quite some time. Being one of the top producer and manufacturer of PCs they hushed the silence and now they have announced their New HP Pavilion. Pretty cool design, soft and silky look without the hard edge of the stone age look, and it's now matches on the present designs and look of other gadgets.

So we will watching for more series of the HP Pavilion and see what are their new features. For now will just have to wait till its all out in the market. So for those who are fans of HP PCs perhaps you can get a new desktop and clear out that old jagged look PC.


May 20, 2011

Touchpad Keyboard

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It seems that Fujitsu has been cooking so many dishes in their kitchen. First we have seen the foldable tablet pc which showcase more efficient portability of tablet pc, now they have something that will be like by keyboard fanatics. I'm most keyboard users are getting tired of almost every year or two years they would get their keyboards change because of damages and problem with its clickability. With this new concept from Fujitsu it will for sure lessen expenses on repairs of keyboards and it will be much more fun to type with it.

Just like the folding tablet pc I still don't know if it will be available locally. Perhaps they will look first if the market is good. Anyway if ever they will release this will be really great to have.

May 18, 2011's 1M Members Raffle Giveaway

ads here too has already reached its 1 million members and because of that accomplishment they are giving away prizes to celebrate that achievement. Feel their pride and join their give away contest.

So, until May 28, 2011 they will be giving away prizes every week and All you have to do is tell the world that you are part of the 1M members so you can qualify for the raffle.

We still got enough time to join and become part of the contest. If you want to know more just visit their website

May 14, 2011

Hybrid Notebook/Tablet

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This is the first time that I see something like this. I just don't know if it is still a concept or already produced but I'm sure this will be a hit to techie person who loves portability. I don't know yet if Fujitsu has already created this but I'm sure this notebook/tablet pc will be one of the best portable gadget.

So we will be expecting something like this on the market in just a near future. But I don't know if it will be brought to the Philippine market.

May 6, 2011


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When I see this one my first reaction was that "oh one of our driver has this kind of gadget". Yes, our company driver has a gadget like this which he uses when we are on travel. Of course he don't want his passengers to get bored of their travel. The best part is that he got lots of list of music on his USB. I just don't know where he gets it.

Now, this gadget is used by car owners who only have car stereo, so meaning high tech cars don't use this. This gadget is used by tapping into the car stereo by having the same frequency setting. The cool part here is that any car stereo or stereo that get into its range will play what ever you are playing in your list. Isn't great! Hey this will run if you plug it into the DC Adapter of the vehicle.

I just don't know how much it cost here locally but I'm sure it is much cheaper but I just don't know about quality of the gadget. Based on our drivers gadget it is still working up to now and he has it for almost two years already.

May 2, 2011

Scosche freeKEY

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I have been looking something like this ever since the tablet pc came out of the market. Having a portable key board can be sure an ease for those who are always on the go and avoiding the bulk of carrying many gadgets. Since most of the tablet pcs are touch screen capable and don't have any external keyboard, keyboard freaks tried to come up with an external keyboard that will give them the feel of typing onto the keyboard and the result is this Scosche freeKEY which was produced Scosche Industries. Scosche Industries are one of the companies that manufactures peripheral products.

This Scosche freeKEY has many feature, one of it is being flexible enough to be rolled to squeeze in for small bag compartments or pouches, water resistant which is good for those people who extremely sweats a lot or if you accidentally spill over some coffee or juice on it, bluetooth 2.0 connectivity which is compatible to almost any operating systems like iOS, Android, Mac OSX and Windows, and it has a retractable USB to micro-USB charge cable.

So this gadget is pretty much compatible with those tablet pcs. Now if ever that I would have one of this the only thing that I have to problem is the tablet pc, I still don't have one. I just pray that I win or someone would make it as a gift for me on my birthday. Hahaha! Anyway if you're going to catch it online you can stash it for $59.99. Just look and buy for it online. I just don't know if we have it locally.

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