April 4, 2011

Net 25's Convergence

Picture Credit to Net 25 Convergence

Does anyone watch NET 25's Convergence? Well, I'm one of those who always watch that show. I really make sure that I will watch their episodes every week and if ever I didn't catch that specific episode I would go to their website to watch it online. I sure get a lot of information there and they do feed my mind.

The network's show did has come to a point that Convergence is now one of the source of informations with regards to Information Technology. They have established their name and even made the host of the said TV Show a celebrity.

So if you haven't heard about CONVERGENCE not Convergys, well better tune your TV Channel to NET 25 and watch their weekly episodes or you can simply go their website www.net-25.com and look for the episodes of CONVERGENCE.

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