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April 25, 2011

Electric Bike - Agility Saietta R Bike

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It seems that most bikes now are getting into environment friendly. Just like this bike, the Agility Saietta R Bike. This bike looks appealing to people and bike enthusiasts. They made it somehow the futuristic look to compensate for removed standard look of bikes. This sweet ride goes electric and eco-friendly. Imagine the big bikes emitting smokes and giving off a very loud vroom noise, well this one eliminate the smokes but still has that vroom sound.

If this is awesome to look at will you might just be still looking at it if you see the price. A well five figured, £13,570. Now, perhaps we will just enjoy the view of it running.

April 11, 2011

Devon Watch

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I'm not really a fan of watches but I find this one quite interesting to look at. The design is metallic, more of a steam punk design, and cool to wear. I know if I wear one of this people will eventually try look at it and ask what kind of a watch is that. Then this watch would be the center of attention. You don't have to make a scene just to be noticed, I think by just simply wearing something attracted and fascinating like this watch will for sure give you enough attention that you want.

If you think that this intriguing watch doesn't cost much well think again. This watch is called the Devon Tread 1 Watch and for sure it will tread down your finances if you're going crave for this one. The watch cost is about £15,000. I don't know how to convert the amount but it is for sure expensive. Maybe if I got to be a billionaire this would be just cheap but facing reality maybe I would just say good bye to this one. I rarely like watches but if something like this is really not for me.

April 4, 2011

Net 25's Convergence

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Picture Credit to Net 25 Convergence

Does anyone watch NET 25's Convergence? Well, I'm one of those who always watch that show. I really make sure that I will watch their episodes every week and if ever I didn't catch that specific episode I would go to their website to watch it online. I sure get a lot of information there and they do feed my mind.

The network's show did has come to a point that Convergence is now one of the source of informations with regards to Information Technology. They have established their name and even made the host of the said TV Show a celebrity.

So if you haven't heard about CONVERGENCE not Convergys, well better tune your TV Channel to NET 25 and watch their weekly episodes or you can simply go their website and look for the episodes of CONVERGENCE.

April 1, 2011

Silent Mouse SM-7000B by Nexus

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How many people are working their bums at home very late at night? Well, for sure there are lots of people who works in their houses late night, especially those bloggers. During those nights your roommates, kids, wife and other people you live with sometimes can't bear those clicking noise during your work at night. They get irritated and at the end they get mad at you.

Now, late workers won't have to worry anymore because Nexus had created the Silent Mouse SM-7000B exclusively for those who get irritated of the clicking sound. Hahaha! Anyway, I haven't tried this one yet but according to the company that create this it really is stand for its name. This mouse got lots of feature that users would love using it. To find out more about this gadget just click the link below.

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