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March 30, 2011

Color Changing Cube

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I have seen some of these Color Changing Cube in one of our family outing. It was really cool looking at those cubes change their color seamlessly. It's like having a futuristic lounge area in your living room or somewhere in your house. This is really cool to show off when you're a party in your house. Just make sure that it is well lit. Kids will also love to watch this cubes change their colors.

I think I first saw changing color technology in one of the bridges in Manila. That's where they feature it in a TV show. It's seamlessly changing the color from one color to another without a gap between their changes.

March 24, 2011

Pop Art Toast Your Morning

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Getting your morning a little more fun? Here's a very nice toaster that gives a pop art on your bread. Eating your breakfast with a twist can sure make your day. Actually you can have it all day. You can also make your kids love eating their bread with some drawings and arts on their bread.

March 23, 2011

Bike Rack

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Talk about nice parking for bikes. This bike rack is one gadget that bikers should have. Simple and functional. This can also be as a table for those who are always on the run. I think push carts should have this for their biking customers.

March 16, 2011

Securing Data and Information

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With the advancement of data storage more information are being kept in a very small storage like the flash drives or thumb drives. Most of the owners of these data storage devices are sometimes neglectful of the security of their USB flash drives. These gadgets are commonly kept and see hanging around on cell phones, clinging on wristbands, dangling to and from on some fancy key chain or they are just simply kept inside the pockets of the pants. They didn’t know the risk of losing them and basically once it is lost people have already given out any information that the USB has, especially if it pertains to personal information. So once they lost their USB flash drive others can easily access any information stored in it.

Maybe it’s about time that people have to learn things about securing the information stored on their USB flash drives or thumb drives. Much information is being leaked out into the web because of unsecured USB flash drives. So if people know how to protect their devices maybe there will be fewer incidents of identities being taken by other people. By these people will be aware and will be secured enough of any threat of identity theft.

There are quite a lot of numbers of software that can use to secure important data, especially information that are stored on thumb drives. There are numbers of usb security software that can be used to protect USB flash drives but the most important is that flash drives should have Flash USB security to protect any important information stored in the flash drive.

March 14, 2011

Fiik Motorized Skateboard

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motorized skateboard

What most teens hate about skateboard is the way to paddle it with your feet to move the board. Hopefully there are only few of them who hates that. So this one is for those who hates it very much. Fiik makes the skateboard motorized for teens to enjoy the ride very much. It also comes with a remote to control where your going. Hahaha!


March 8, 2011

UP for Real

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Flying House

Do you ever wonder if the flying house is does really exist? Or can a house really fly just like in the Up Movie where the house is lifted up into the air by hundreds of balloons. When I was watching the movie I thought it was ridiculous to make that house lifted by hundreds of balloons. First it was just an animation and second you cannot really have that large number of balloons. Well that notion was somewhat twisted. When I watched this video clip well it made me think that science really does work and I'm astound by these people who tried to prove if it is really possible to lift a house.


March 7, 2011

Gigabyte's Aivia M8600 Wireless

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Gigabyte Aivia M8600 Wireless

There are already very known brands of gaming mouse and most of them have already gained the respect of providing good quality gaming mouse for hard core players. Some of the big giants in this gadgets are the Logitech and the Razer which have proven and created top of the edge gaming device.

Now it's Gigabyte's turn to showcase that is something new from them. So what they are offering? Well they have this really cool gaming mouse that most hard core gamers would really love to have. It is the Aivia M8600 Wireless. So if you want to know more about the whole details just click on the source.


March 6, 2011

Skateboard Illuminated

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Flexdex Illuminated Skateboard

We all know that playing at night time is very dangerous especially if there's no light in the play area. It can also be dangerous if you're riding on your way home with your bike or skateboad. For the bikes it is good if it has reflectors but how about the skateboards where can you place the reflectors? Well, I don't really know? But the creator of this skateboard made it something safety and cool to look at.

Flexdex made something for the skateboard fanatics which is made of translucent wheels, a clear glass polycarbonate frame, and strips of LED lights powered by 9-volt batteries. So maybe by this most skateboarders would not be in danger at night.


March 4, 2011

Audio Light Bulb

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audio light bulb

Here's another set of merge and mixed gadgets. It is a two in one gadget or sometimes they go even more but this time it's a merge light and audio. Having light and audio in just one item. The only thing that is that I think you always have to turn on the lights in order to listen with the audio. It's just a wild imagination. Hehehe! Anyway you can try to check it on the link below and see for yourself.


March 2, 2011

Lego PC Tower Case

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coobeeo lego pc tower case

Playing Lego can sure make our minds go creative and imaginative. Speaking of creative and imaginative I think the designer of this PC Tower Case does really love to play Lego when he was still a child. Well, they made a casing the can be played and stacked different lego parts. You can create different things on it and that's for sure. If I ever get one of that I just don't know what will my be playing the Lego or the games in the PC. Hahaha! This is nice job for creating something playful.


March 1, 2011


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camj tiny dslr

Talk about spying! This is really a hit for people who wants to play spy games. I really love spy movies and best of all are the James Bond Series. Their gadgets are really cool. I think some of the gadgets that are present today are somewhat affected by this movies. All I want now to be invented is the flying car though there were some who are on the process of developing one.

Now this tiny little DSLR has feature that are way too big for a little tiny cam. This baby can shoot and produce a 2 megapixel picture at SVGA resolution, can record video at 30 frames per seconds, and it is supported by a microSD memory card up to 32 GB memory.

So who wants to lay spy games.

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