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January 27, 2011

3 in 1 Chameleon X1

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I have been featuring different cool gaming mice on this blog but this one is really very cool if you like gadgets that does multitasking. This is not just a cool mouse and also not just a functional game controller but it is also a PC remote. So talk about mulit-functions.

The look of the Chameleon X1 is just like any other mouse but what's different about it is that when you flip it you'll see the control buttons for the games and remote for the PC. So this is how you twist the action when your board of the usual clicking on the mouse.


January 24, 2011

Yugatech's Dress Up Your PC

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Yugatech together with Western Digital will be giving away one (1) Terabyte Western Digital Caviar Black SATA 3. This is the 3rd installation of their giveaway. I'm sure all bloggers out there will join this fantastic giveaway. Who wouldn't want their cool prize? Anyway here's what you need to do to join the contest.

Dress up your PC (they don't care whether you own it or not as long as it is a PC).

Use this image as the wallpaper of your PC.

Upload the photo to any photo sharing site (Flickr, Piclyf, Picasa, Twitpic, etc.) or post in your blog or website. Must be publicly accessible.

Leave a comment in this blog post with the URL to your photo, gallery or blog entry.

The one with the best-dressed desktop PC that we like will gets the 1TB upgrade. Contest ends midnight of January 31, 2011.

Don't forget to like and be a fan of WD Facebook Page.

So head over to yugatech's contest and start dressing up you PC.

January 21, 2011

Hot Wheels Upgrade

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Toys are now really getting techie and kids would love to have this kind of toys. With the integration of modern technology and the craftsmanship of toys will really create something new and exciting for kids to love. Mattel's video racer is one of the upgrade that HotWheels Car are getting. So how long does this video stores? Well this baby is equipped with a small video camera and is able to record 30 to 60 frames per second. I just don't know the capacity that it can store. Also it has a small LCD screen on the bottom of the car with a playback button which you can actually and immediately watch your recorded video. This Video Racer comes with a usb cable and a software so you can easily drag and drop on your laptop or deskstop. Kids can sure play around with the videos, action packed and thrilling. This will be available by fall and will cost at $60. Watch the video clip and see for yourself.


January 20, 2011

Lego Angry Birds

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lego angry birds

If you like to play the game Angry Birds and you love to have some of it as a collectible item. I'm sure kids will love this one also. Putting up together all those pieces of the Angry Birds. Like them and love them.


January 17, 2011

Mad Catz Mice

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mad catz mice

Mad Catz is some name that is not supposed to be associated with mice but its quite interesting. Anyway what's this mice can do and its cool features. Its a mobilemouse made of hard-wearing materials with a die cast metal frame. Whoow just like a die cast toy car. So in other words this mobilemouse is a very hard mouse even you bang it on your computer table or when your kids are playing with it.


January 12, 2011

ViNCi for Babies

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Toddlers are one good example of a very keen observer and explorer. Why? Well with their age everything for them is something new. They would really try to hold, look, and taste things even though they don't really know what it is. It's more of a trial and error. Anyway since gadgets are becoming part of the daily activities of parents, especially those who are working with their gadgets, perhaps this ViNCi tablet PC (I think) will really help keep the kids busy and away from mommy or daddy's laptop, iPad, and iPod touch. ViNCi is a tablet designed for toddlers. It is designed without the WiFi and 3G Function. So mainly this tablet store games only for toddlers. This is just to keep them busy.


January 8, 2011

First 3D Camcorder in HD

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jvc 3d

I don't really know much of the details about this very cool camcorder but I know this one really rocks. Technology really makes things simpler than the usual. It's a good gadget to have if you're incline with movies and 3d thingy, especially those indie cinema producers. They can now easily do 3D movies with just using a 3D camcorder, of course this is for those who are short with their budget in producing such great movies. The best about this is they're in a very good HD format.


January 3, 2011

Cool Watch: Griffin Slap Nano Wristband

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griffin nano

Want something cool on your wrist? Here's something that I like to have for a watch. I'm not a very fun of watch but I would love to have something like this. The Griffin Slap Nano Wristband cool to have in your wrists. Of course I don't want have the candy pink color on my wrist. Hehehe. This wristband is actually an accessory for iPod nano. The slap style strap is a felxible memory-metal designed solely for the iPod nano.

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