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December 31, 2010

iPhone Video Projector

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iphone projector

If your tired of watching movies on the iPhone or you don't have any bigger TV set or you just want to it projected well this gadget is something that you can use. This is a video projector for iPhones. The device is LED-illuminated with a resolution of 557 x 234. It can be projected onto a wall or screen up to 110" diagonally. So quite big enough to watch movie from an iPhone to a projected wall or screen.


December 30, 2010


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We can all agree that mobile phones now are equipped with GPS, map locator, and other applications that can tell or show your location or a map. But this gadget is a small and light weight map locator which enables you to project map on any flat and solid surface. Making it more easier to look at. Quite interesting and cool because you don't have to pull out your mobile phone and let everyone look in it once bump into each others head.


December 23, 2010

Micro Metal Gyro Copter

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gyro copter

Here's something to give for the kids this Christmas season. A Micro Metal Gyro Copter a very impressive small copter to give for kids. Of course it should be accompanied by older ones if the kids are younger than eight of nine.

So if you're planning to get one of this for your kids just visit here and have your order. I'm kids will be happy with this one.


December 22, 2010

Neo's Concept Vehicle

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Neos Concept Vehicle

Here's another concept vehicle that we will be watching if it will hit the masses for mass production. For now, it is only a concept that I think will still need to be studied very well.

Judging from the look of it it's pretty good to look at. It is a motorbike combined with a car. We got lots of those mixed here in our place. A motorbike that looks like a car. Hahaha! Anyway this concept vehicle will be one of the most advance vehicle if it is produce for the masses. When it comes to safety it will keep the drivers and passengers safe with their features. The only thing is that it is still in concept mode so we will just have to wait for few more years, perhaps!


December 17, 2010

Skatecycle with Tron Makeover

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Here's something cool to look at and play with. I'm not really much of a fun of a skatecycle but when I see this makeover which was a tron look well it gets my interest. Just for the design itself not with the skatecycle.

December 10, 2010

Rechargeable Heated Slippers

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heated slippers

I know some people don't like the weather and climate condition during Christmas, especially the old ones. Here's something good for them to avoid those cranky rheumatism and arthritis attacks but this one is only for the ladies I don't know yet if there's any for the gentlemen. Perhaps there will be available for them also. Anyway this slipper is really good for the old ones which will keep their feet warm and comfortable. Just make sure to recharge it when using it.


December 3, 2010

Control Your Car with Your Smartphone

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Here's something good for all car owners. Carnapping will be lessen by this gadget for sure. Imagine driving the culprit straight into the police station. Hahaha! Nah! Maybe in the future but this gadget will only let you control your car for some simpler things like locking and unlocking your car, telling you about your tire's pressure, etc. This also sends GPS location so if you got into trouble people can easily find you.

December 2, 2010

Concept Car

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all terrain vehicled

We all know that with the progress and development of graphic tools and 3D images most ideas can now be realized. Most of the cars and gadgets today pass through some 3D image graphic tool then later on put into reality.

Like this concept car that is being studied. We always seen something like this on science fiction movies so perhaps inventors are now trying to put them into reality. This vehicle is a huge wheel that puts the driver inside just like the one that you see on science fiction movies. This concept car works on different environments, it adjust depending on the terrain. So we will just have to wait if this will really push through.



December 1, 2010

Loop Pointer

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loop pointer

Technology sure is getting or making life much easier than the usual. I thought other mouse are cool enough but far more this one is more advance, it is called The Loop. The Loop is an air mouse device that lets your hand freely move around. It has the ability to react on normal hand tremor and positioning of the hand which responds to the motion of the Loop pointer. This can be good for presenters. They can just wave their hands in the air and click.

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