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June 22, 2009

"Toddler Backpacks"

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Do your kids love to have their own things especially when it is personalized and with their names on it. Well, my kid hasn't appreciate that much yet but his cousins really wanted to have their things named. Take note they loved it when it is bold letters. They got some sort of pride when they see their things with their name on it.

One of his cousins, a bit older than him, would really put a name tag on his backpack and he would get mad if they take off the tag. So we decided to look for a toddler backpacks which can be personalized, one for my son and one for his cousin.

We look to the internet and found this site Posylane and they offer products that we are looking for. They got kids backpacks, toddler backpacks, and a nap mat for the kids too. This can be use during their nap time.

Cool enough our problem is solve and we don’t have to go to the department store and look for it!


June 20, 2009

"Advance Happy Father's Day"

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To all the fathers out there advance



"Nokia 5800"

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The Nokia 5800 Express Music. Pretty cool, stylish, and it rocks. I really want to have one of this. To check out for the detailed features and specs click here

Thank you if you will help me get this baby. Just click here for the sign up and enter this referral ID 91743735.


June 16, 2009

"Voltron Camera"

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voltron camera

This gadget is cool for adults but if the kids grab this do you think kids will use this as a camera or as a toy?

This is really one crazy gadget.


June 13, 2009

"A Watch with No Hands"

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color changing watch

Would you believe a watch with no hands? Yes! And it really has no hands.

The watch really don't have any hands at all but what it has is its changing color which is reflected on the numbers. The number that is colorized indicates the time and which is the short hand and the long hand.

This crazy watch is from Projects- the Iridium Color Changing watch which cost $119.


June 8, 2009

"Remote Controlled Water Cannon

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remote controlled water cannon

Who in the world did play water splash when they were kids or even adults. None! Only if you are allergic to water. Hahaha! Just kidding! Anyway kids and adults really played with water some uses their plane hands, or a bucket, and to the extend of modernized squirt guns. When playing you always get wet. What if you can have an edge on it and you won't be splashed with water so easily.

Well, you can with this cool remote controlled water cannon. You'll only get wet if they find you where you are hiding.


June 7, 2009

"Disquised Way for Treasure Hunting"

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metal sandals

This sandals is a very good way to disguised yourself as a treasure hunter. They'll never know that your sandals is a metal detector in disguised.

Just don't step on metals to often you might get used to it!


"Mirror and a Player in the Bathroom"

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stocco touch screen mirror

If you're trying to get some full comfort while in the comfort room. Well, you'd better install one of this in your bathroom. The stocco touch screen mirror from Windex.

So just touch that screen and your in for a good mood while in the bathroom. Now this is the real relaxation.

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