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November 16, 2009

"Win Money From Mukhang Pera"

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It's Mukhang Pera's birthday on the 26th of November and to celebrate his birthday his hosting a contest on his blog.

Cash are at stake:


1st Prize – $15
2nd Prize – $10
3rd Prize – $5

You can visit Mukhang Pera for the full details of the contest.

The birthday contest will end on November 26, 2009 at 11:59 PM GMT +8. Anybody is free to join this contest unless prohibited by country or state laws. The winners will be chosen randomly using Luck of the Draw application. Drawing will be done on November 27, 2009. The winner will be contacted through email and I should receive a confirmation reply within 7 days or prize will be forfeited. The prize will be given via Paypal.


October 20, 2009

Free Gadgets from

ads here too is a cool website that give away free stuff. All you need to do is register(you need to be invited to register), play their game, and answer their daily questions to earn pointz. Pointz corresponds to certain product which you can avail for free. Yes it is free!

Here are some of the products that might interest you.

XBOX 360MacBook

Comment with your name and email address below and wait for the invite.


October 12, 2009

"Win $60 Contest at Technogati"

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Bloggers if you want to win some $60 cold cash and transfer directly to your paypal account, here's a blog contest from Technogati. Winners will be raffled using

Here are the prizes

1. First Prize will be of $60. (Only One) Will be paid by PayPal.
Or Amount will be deposit in your account by Cash/DD/Check only for Indian winner. In SBI, PNB, ICICI directly within 2-3 business days after the result of contest.

2. Second Prize: 75×75 ad spot free for One month on Technogati footer. (2 Prizes).

So if you think your lucky enough to win this prize start blogging and participate here. For more details on joining just click here.


"USB Transformers"

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USB Transformers

If your a collector and a fan of Transformers, here's something for you that you don't want to miss. The USB Transformers Ravage. This gadget actually do transforms from a USB Storage device into a Decepticon Ravage Cat. This is actually new and it cost $42.99. So all collectors get a hold of this!

- Windows98/Me/2000/XP/Vista,Mac
- Interface : USB 1.1 & USB 2.0
- Speed USB 2.0 : 480mpbs
- Speed USB 1.1 : 12mpbs
- Memory : 2 gigabytes
Product Number: TAK10927
Shipping Weight: 0.84 pounds

So if your planning to get one just visit their website and order it from there. I'll wait until it gets cheaper. (LOL)


October 11, 2009

"Home Buddies Blogversary"

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Fedhz blog contest

Happy First Anniversary to FEDHZ.COM the "Home Buddies"!

Since it is her birthday and her blogversary she launched this contest for all bloggers who would love to join. Joining is easy and simple you just have to know how to follow rules and regulations. Click here to know the whole details of the contest.


1st prize: $200

2nd prize: $50

3rd Prize: $20

Lucky Participant: $5

So if you would like to “Win $200 from Fedhz Blogversary/Bday Contest” start blogging and participate now!


October 3, 2009

"Making Useful of Your Computer's Empty Slot"

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slot safe drawer

If your computer have an empty slot in it, this is a good way to make use of it. Turning it into something useful enough. Like a drawer with a lock where you can hide important CDs. Cool enough instead of letting it catch some dirt and dust.


September 29, 2009

"Alienware M15X"

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If you're a fan of alienware, here is something for you, the Alienware M15x. A very stylish and extra ordinary design of new age laptops. If you still have those old and boring design it's about time that you get this new age laptops.

This laptops is a gaming laptops which has a very good graphics to enhance your gaming experience.


September 25, 2009

"Chair tha Scan"

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ibum chair

Here's something that really different! Will consider sitting on a chair that will actually scan your bum. Well for me, I won't sit on it.

The thing is called "iBum" which is an integration of a chair and a scanner. Though the chair look good but I'm not sure if I could sit comfortably there.

Just another crazy gadget from craziest gadgets.


September 22, 2009

"XBOX 360 on a Steering Wheel?"

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xbox360 steering wheel

Here's another crazy gadget that I thinks will distract driver from driving. If texting while driving is dangerous wait till you see this. Playing while driving. What do you think will happen?

A XBOX 360 controller installed in the middle of the steering wheel. I wonder?


"Nokia N900"

ads here too

This baby is something from Nokia. This is the first ever memo device that Nokia built. It is called the N900. This baby offers users a powerful and functional mix of smartphone and pocket laptop. Cool isn't it! If you're always on the go this gadget is for you.


September 21, 2009

"Steampunk Clock"

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limited edition steampunk nixie clock

If you're a fun of steampunk, here's something for you! A steampunk clock! The design of this clock is really good and fantastic. I like this very much!


September 20, 2009

"Batteries Getting Environment Friendly"

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recharging disposable batteries

Environmental activist will be glad to hear about this new product about disposing disposable batteries. A lot of materials and energy will be save because of this product called the Battery Wizard. Fewer batteries will be needed by people which means fewer batteries will be produced and fewer raw materials will be cultivated and harvested.


September 16, 2009

"Toshiba : No Matter What Guarantee"

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Do you know about the "No Matter What Guarantee" in South East Europe. Well if you don't here's the catch about this guarantee. When you buy a Toshiba laptop in South East Europe it will come with a "No Matter What Guarantee". This guarantee covers all accidents and theft. They even says it even covers unemployment, I don't know if this true.


Vodafone Player

ads here too

Just wanted to share cool and sleek video player for the readers. This player can also be installed in your mobile phones. Check the features and install it if you like.


September 12, 2009

"State of the Art Med School"

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There is a lot of Med School that are offering short term courses for people who are eager to learn immediately.

One of this Med school is the Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts that offers different course together with their highly trained and educated doctors, nurses and medical technologists. Aside from qualified doctors, nurses and medical technologists they also provide a venue to have a first experience with regards to their courses. They consider clinical experience is one of the most important parts of the medical education. Plus a state of the art hands on of all students.

Some of their short term courses that you can enroll are Vocational Nurse (LVN or LPN),Ultrasound Technology (Diagnostic Medical Sonography or DMS),Radiologic Technology (X-Ray), MRI Technology, Psychiatric Technician,Phlebotomy Technician (CPT 1).

So if you’re interested enough try visiting their site and choose the courses that best fits you.


September 9, 2009

"Walkie Talkie Lego"

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walkie talkie lego

To all Lego fanatic here is something cool from Lego. A Walkie Talkie Lego but they are not actually assembled Lego pieces but it is only a design. So you don't have to worry about tearing them into pieces.


September 3, 2009

Video Clip of N97

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Lately I haven't post anything around here. And I know I'm beginning to loose track of some good stuff and gadgets on the net and on the outside world. Maybe to start again here's a cool video clip ad of N97. Hope you like it.


August 20, 2009

"Contest: Five Dollar Friday"

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Just taking a break from gadgets and stuffs. Here's something interesting. A Five Dollar Friday from Tututina for the month of August. It's a bit late but hey there's two more Fridays.

So here are the details.

How to Enter
Anyone can enter the contest. But you must follow our giveaway guidelines in order to qualify:
1. Blog about our Five Dollar Fridays Giveaway
2. Select from our buttons (small or large) or our animated banner and post it on your blog/webpage
3. Leave me a comment telling me you've blogged about my giveaway. You MUST include in your comment your blog/webpage URL and your paypal email (sign up for your free personal paypal account if you don't have one!) so we can verify you've blogged about the giveaway and we can give you the prize if you are the winner.
**You only need to blog once and keep our buttons/banners up for the duration of the August long contest and you will automatically be entered in all of our Five Dollar Friday Draws.

To know more of the details just click the banner below.


August 18, 2009

"Pee on the Screen"

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Have you experienced being very angry and mad with the team opposing your team. You want to do something to just make you feel that you pissed them, well you can do that already with the new and first rear projection urinal (RPU). Another one is that you won't be able to miss any game and action on TV.

rear projection urinal


"Donkey Kong Shelves"

ads here too

donkey kong shelves

I don't know if the one who mimic the donkey kong arcade game really did get the right angle. From the looks of it I think it didn't get the accurate angle and the length position. As I can remember the next panel is extended much longer to be able to catch the barrels but on this one is not so how will it catch the things on it if it started sliding down. Hehehehe! Anyway cool stuff!


"Asteroid Lamp"

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asteriod lamp

This lamp is cool to have in your room just don't let it fall like an asteroid.


August 15, 2009

"Virtual Private Server"

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What’s the difference between Virtual Private Servers and Shared Hosting? Virtual Private Servers are physical server computer partitioned into multiple servers so that each server has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine. This virtual server can run its own operating system, and can even independently reboot once the system is needed to be refreshed. Customers or subscribers have an access to the operating system and can install almost any software that runs on the OS. Other subscribers will not worry if other subscriber will have problems with their website and system that is running on the VPS.
Maybe the disadvantage here is that due to the number of virtualization clients running on a single machine, a VPS generally has limited processor time, RAM, and disk space. And also due to its isolation costing is much higher than shared hosting.

On the other side Shared Hosting uses only one dedicated servers in catering all website hosting subscribers. This causes for a limited space and accessibility. The only problem with shared hosting is that once there’s a problem all website hosting subscriber won’t be able to access their websites.

So which hosting will you choose? Me, now I know what the difference is and once I raised enough bucks to finance my website hosting I would definitely choose VPS. Fortunately there’s a website that I bumped into and I think they offer much greater value than any other VPS. They’re offering their VPS for a low cost of $29.95 per month. And they are using linux virtual dedicated servers which you can add any types of control panel like Plesk, cPanel, and DirectAdmin. To top it all they offer unmetered traffic and there are no hidden charges. So, for me after I have raised enough bucks I would definitely get VPS.


August 8, 2009

"Cool Headset for Gaming"

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logitech gaming heatset

If you're a video game fanatic and you like the sound more realistic and clear here's one heck of a headset that you should have. The Logitech Gaming Headset G330 is state of the art headset especially for gaming. The headset is adjustable and can be easily fit anyones head.

The better the sound the better the gaming action will be!


July 30, 2009

"Spy Gadget:Bluetooth Headset"

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bluetooth headset ring

If I were 007 I will surely want to have this gadget. A bluetooth Headset that actually transforms into a ring when not in use. More of a dual function.

Functionality, artistic design, and mobility all merge into one gadget that is lightweight enough to be carried by a finger. Just don't slip it out of your finger you might run after it in a manhole.


July 22, 2009

"External Hard Drive"

ads here too

Just got this new external hard drive and bought at Asianic inside SM Clark. The external hard drive is a Japan made and it is called the "Buffalo". With regards to style, the gadget is designed with a touch of high class look with it's lightweight slim design. It got three available colors, white, black and red which is the one that I got.

Canvassing from different store I find this cheaper compared to other brands and the space they carry. From a price of Ph3,750 with 250 storage capacity beats up the other brand with a price of Ph3,500 with 160 storage capacity. Comparing prices, you decide to which will you go for.

In terms of quality, it's quite okay after loading it up with lots of gigabyte files. It got a turboUSB to increase file transfer, plug and play ready for use, and it is USB powered no power supply needed.

So if you're looking for external hard drive try to check this out and see forself.


July 18, 2009

"Laundry Bag"

ads here too

Having babies or kids in the house really put your house into a situation that is like not so very good. Just like in the abstract there are a lot of things that is scattered around, baby’s clothes everywhere, from shorts to shirts and from bibs to socks. In other words the whole house is in a mess and this is not good especially when you’re making money for your family. Good thing that there is the old laundry bag that you can depend on. Laundry bag is the best way to put all your dirty clothes, towel wrap, baby’s clothes, and even their nap mat. So with this, the whole house will be nice and clean.

Good thing there is a site that offers these things. You can get different kind of things from this site like laundry bag, clothes, towel wrap, bags, and even nap mat. The best part is that it’s just a click away and you can even order it when you’re at home. Just click your internet browser and get it at posylane.


July 17, 2009

"Searching the Net for Cards"

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If you’re searching for the right gift to give to express your gratitude the net is the best answer for you. There are sites you can choose from and there are different types of cards you can get in just one touch of a button. Cards to express your thought and feeling like greeting cards, sharing your points and views of love on love cards, and even uplifting the moral of a person by giving gratitude cards to what he or she has done. Just choose and send your paid greeting cards or free thank you cards, it doesn’t matter which ever you choose it’s the thought that counts.


July 14, 2009

"Cool Thing to Have in the Bathroom"

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While looking for some gadgets and stuff on the net I found these techie bathroom gadget that I'm sure you'll love this. It's a bit crazy idea but its good and handy.

ihouse smartfaucet

The gadget is called the iHouse Smart Faucet found it on This tool is a very techie one, it has a face recognition software that once it captures your face it will automatically configure the water temperature and flow of the faucet according to your setting. The faucet has also a touchscreen for configuring the settings and the craziest thing added was you can actually check emails in it. I don't know how will you do that while washing your face but anyway it's a cool crazy thing but it's good.


July 9, 2009


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If you want to know more of the details click here.


June 22, 2009

"Toddler Backpacks"

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Do your kids love to have their own things especially when it is personalized and with their names on it. Well, my kid hasn't appreciate that much yet but his cousins really wanted to have their things named. Take note they loved it when it is bold letters. They got some sort of pride when they see their things with their name on it.

One of his cousins, a bit older than him, would really put a name tag on his backpack and he would get mad if they take off the tag. So we decided to look for a toddler backpacks which can be personalized, one for my son and one for his cousin.

We look to the internet and found this site Posylane and they offer products that we are looking for. They got kids backpacks, toddler backpacks, and a nap mat for the kids too. This can be use during their nap time.

Cool enough our problem is solve and we don’t have to go to the department store and look for it!


June 20, 2009

"Advance Happy Father's Day"

ads here too

To all the fathers out there advance



"Nokia 5800"

ads here too

The Nokia 5800 Express Music. Pretty cool, stylish, and it rocks. I really want to have one of this. To check out for the detailed features and specs click here

Thank you if you will help me get this baby. Just click here for the sign up and enter this referral ID 91743735.


June 16, 2009

"Voltron Camera"

ads here too

voltron camera

This gadget is cool for adults but if the kids grab this do you think kids will use this as a camera or as a toy?

This is really one crazy gadget.


June 13, 2009

"A Watch with No Hands"

ads here too

color changing watch

Would you believe a watch with no hands? Yes! And it really has no hands.

The watch really don't have any hands at all but what it has is its changing color which is reflected on the numbers. The number that is colorized indicates the time and which is the short hand and the long hand.

This crazy watch is from Projects- the Iridium Color Changing watch which cost $119.


June 8, 2009

"Remote Controlled Water Cannon

ads here too

remote controlled water cannon

Who in the world did play water splash when they were kids or even adults. None! Only if you are allergic to water. Hahaha! Just kidding! Anyway kids and adults really played with water some uses their plane hands, or a bucket, and to the extend of modernized squirt guns. When playing you always get wet. What if you can have an edge on it and you won't be splashed with water so easily.

Well, you can with this cool remote controlled water cannon. You'll only get wet if they find you where you are hiding.


June 7, 2009

"Disquised Way for Treasure Hunting"

ads here too

metal sandals

This sandals is a very good way to disguised yourself as a treasure hunter. They'll never know that your sandals is a metal detector in disguised.

Just don't step on metals to often you might get used to it!


"Mirror and a Player in the Bathroom"

ads here too

stocco touch screen mirror

If you're trying to get some full comfort while in the comfort room. Well, you'd better install one of this in your bathroom. The stocco touch screen mirror from Windex.

So just touch that screen and your in for a good mood while in the bathroom. Now this is the real relaxation.


May 19, 2009

"Study Ball?"

ads here too

study ball

When I was a kid my dad and my mom don't push me too hard on studying but they make sure that I don't fail on all my subjects. Thank God I did passed on all my subjects. 

I don't think this weird gadget will really help you but what I know about studying is that it is enjoying and fun. This gadget doesn't look enjoyable at all it's like you're in precinct cell.

Anyway, maybe I think it will help and will work to those who really hate studying.  No offense to the inventor this is just my point of view.


"Playing with Lego USB"

ads here too

usb lego

I remember when my aunt used to send lego toys to us and we always open it quickly and tries to build it as fast as we can so that we can see how it looks like.

Now Lego is making its way today and coping up with the development of technology. Staying and maintaining their unique look then merging it with the cool gadgets makes it fun to look at. You get to enjoy your old Lego designs and at same time being up to date with technology.

source:coolest gadgets


May 16, 2009

"File Extension: MODD File"

ads here too

Here’s another file extension that we can learn about. This document is called the File Extension MODD. What is this type of file? Well actually I don’t really know what is this all about and I’m not very well versed with regards to details in technology especially about movie technology. So I’ll just explain it to the best of my knowledge. The File Extension MODD is a file extension called as Picture Motion Browser Data which was used by Sony.

Meaning all the movies that we are watching uses this file extension together with .m2t file. And without the file extension MODD we won’t be able to browse and choose the portion of the movie that we are watching. Gone are the days of VHS and Betamax.

So if you happen to bump into this kind of file now you know and to where it is associated with. And if you’re looking programs on how to open this kind of file just search the net, review, and download it but be sure to read all the details carefully.


May 11, 2009

"Personal Loans"

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Looking for personal loans? Most of us are at the edge of our financial limit and our funds are almost depleted. The next salary is a few weeks more. So we intend to find loans just to cope up with our bills and financial obligations whether it has high or low interest rates. There are different kinds of loans and some of these are the “secured loan” and “unsecured loan”. In secured loan, lenders are lending money in exchange of collateral while in unsecured loan you get your requested money at once with no collateral.

I find a site that offers unsecured personal loans which I know will help add up to our stretching financial crisis. The, they offer a variety of loans that you can avail of. If you wanted to have a new car or new motorcycles why not try their installment loans. Like the unsecured personal loan, installment loan does not also requires collateral the best thing is that you can confirm if your loan is approved or not on that same day.

They also give free consultation is you really want the loan or not. The is a great funding agency that is fast, easy, and reliable.


May 7, 2009

"Reviewing Websites: Wiccan Chat City"

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Looking for a free chat website? Maybe you can try this new chat website. The name of the site sounds different and it’s not really the ordinary chat site. The name of the chat site is “Wiccan Chat City”.

This chat website has a very cool feature that I’m sure you’ll register on this chat website and try this. Though the name sounds different I’m sure this will let you make friends and meet people around the globe.

With regards to the whole look of the chat site it’s simple and easy to navigate. You don’t to look closely just to find what you’re looking for.

Some of their cool features are the wiccan chat rooms and of course the free wiccan chat rooms. Yes it is free and all you need is just to register. Fill out their free online registration with the appropriate information, hit the enter button and you already have your free pagan chat ID. Enter the website and start chatting!


"Reviewing Websites: Pagan Chat City"

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Looking for a free chat website? Maybe you can try this new chat website. The name of the site sounds different and it’s not really the ordinary chat site. The name of the chat site is “Pagan Chat City”.

This chat website has a very cool feature that I’m sure you’ll register on this chat website and try this. Though the name sounds different I’m sure this will let you make friends and meet people around the globe.

With regards to the whole look of the chat site it’s simple and easy to navigate. You don’t to look closely just to find what you’re looking for.

Some of their cool features are the pagan chat rooms and of course the free pagan chat rooms. Yes it is free and all you need is just to register. Fill out their free online registration with the appropriate information, hit the enter button and you already have your free pagan chat ID. Enter the website and start chatting!


May 6, 2009

"Apple's Media Pad"

ads here too

media pad

This new device from Apple is called a "media pad". This device let users listen to music, view photos, watch high-definition videos and make calls over a Wi-Fi connection. Cool! Verizon Wireless is negotiating on this one.


May 5, 2009

"The Wisdom Tree Bookshelf by Jordi Mila"

ads here too

If you're looking for the tree of knowledge here it is. Awesome bookshelf. This is design by Jordi Mila.


"Wristband UV Indicator"

ads here too

This is good for the summer and specially for those who are addicted to beach. At least they will be warned if they are too exposed in the sun already.


"Wrap A Latte"

ads here too

Having trouble holding your coffee cup? Can’t bear the heat and the mess? Here is something to solve your problem, a very unique and stylish way of holding your coffee cup. The Wrap A Latte! It is a coffee sleeve made from insulated fabric to keep your hands cool while holding a hot coffee or choco. These coffee sleeves are not just coolant but it is also a fashion statement.

With a variety of colors, designs and styles to choose from this coffee cup sleeve can sure match your outfit. Be it in retro, classy, modern or futuristic. Just got to their website and pick the swatches you like.

You can also make this as a gift for your friends and relatives who really love to drink hot beverages. One super cool suggestion is that when you buy the Wrap A Latte make sure to include a Starbucks Gift Card.

Grab one of this and happy sipping!


"Kenwood SP0001 Glass Speakers"

ads here too

I would love to have one of this Kenwood SP0001 Glass Speakers. It is sure eye-catching and for sure the sound is boombastic.


"Stylish Coffe Cup Sleeves"

ads here too

I find this interesting… a sleeve for your coffee, sounds unique and intriguing.

If you’re a coffee addict or just loves to drink coffee and you find it hard to hold on to a hot coffee here is something for you. The Wrap A Latte, it is a coffee sleeve made specially for cups. These coffee sleeves are made of a special fabric that keep your hands insulated from any hot drinks. Plus you get a cool fashion statement if you have this.

Another thing about this coffee cup sleeve is that you don’t have to replace or throw it away. You just have to wash it and let it dry, after that you can use it again.

And if you got bored with your chosen design or if you want to send it as a gift you can just order another set from the Wrap A Latte. They get plenty of designs and styles to choose from. Just go to their website and choose the swatches you like. Fashionable and stylish whatever you want just pick one that suits your personality.


"Potty Trainer"

ads here too

potty training chair tool seat

If you're having problem teaching your child to pee on the bowl maybe this will help you a bit. Cool potty trainer.


May 4, 2009

"Cleaning Your Room"

ads here too

cleaner stool

The easiest way to clean a big room... use a big brush.


"Concealing Your IPOD"

ads here too


Here's something if you want to conceal your IPOD while at work. Use this very elegant necktie. I'm sure it will be safe just don't the snatchers snatch this one or you'll might choke or worst.



ads here too


I don't know when was the first time I saw this cart but I sure like this one. You can really run this car without someone pushing you around. You just simply wiggle the wheel left and right and your off. It will go forward. I don't know if I can get one for my son but I'll try to get one.


"Sleep Under the Tree"

ads here too

wall tree

Here's something for those who couldn't sleep and experience the outdoor. A wall decal shaped like a tree. At least you can still sleep under the tree at the comfort of your bed.

Sweet dreams!


"Lap Counter for TV Addicts"

ads here too

lap counter

This is something for people who couldn't get their eyes of the Television set. Bring this in front of the TV and start peeling those potatoes. Just be sure to watch out for your hands you might cut one of your fingers.


"Nes Mouse"

ads here too

nes mouse

It's odd to play with this kind of joystick. I don't know if I could get a hang of this. This is a concept model of a mouse for NES. Do you think you could play with it?


April 24, 2009

"Learning File Extensions : .srt"

ads here too

If you’re watching movies you’ll definitely notice the words and sentences below the screen when the main character speaks or when there is a sound made.  It is called the subtitle.   Have you ever wonder how does this work?  Thanks to technology they made it easy for the movie maker to create subtitles.

These movies are incorporated with file extension SRT.  A filename extension that is used to create subtitles which doesn’t require complicated software.  These file extension srt files are simply text files that can be open or created using any standard text editor.  But still an appropriate program should be taken into consideration to avoid problems.

Just I’ve said before thanks to technology it made it easy create such things and you can even create your own subtitles using the file extension SRT and a specific program.  So learn, create and enjoy!


April 23, 2009

"Filename Extension"

ads here too


According to Wikipedia – “a filename extension or file extension” is a suffix to the name of a computer file applied to indicate the encoding convention of its contents.” The file extension is limited to three characters only. I don’t know the reason behind it but maybe to make it shorter and easy to remember.

There are lots of filename extensions most of this are used in our daily use of the computer. Examples of this are .doc, .xls, and .ppt which are commonly seen on Microsoft Office programs. Other examples are .jpg, .bmp, and .png which are mostly used in pictures and graphic documents. And last example and most common of all is the .exe which can be run on all kinds of operating system.

There is also rare and uncommon filename extension which requires a certain program to open a certain file. One of this is the file extension ods. This document is called Open Document Spreadsheet which is created by programs like the open-source office suite or other similar programs. Users of this File extension ODS are mostly getting their data as bases for marketing research, statistics, and a like.

File extensions are used to differentiate all kinds of documents and data that we are using. It makes it easy for us to use and understand how the program works. It keeps us aware to what programs to use if we see the filename extension.


April 16, 2009

"Yashiro Blogoversary Contest"

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Yashiro is celebrating its
1st Year Blogoversary on May. One year of bragging about my son, journalizing all my activities, sharing bits of information and even things that you least expect. As a simple gift to readers and followers of this blog I’m launching the “Yashiro Blogoversary Contest" as a celebration of my one year of fruitful and blessed blogging days.

Prizes to be won are Entrecard Credits, some cash prize (payment through Paypal) and 125 x 125 ad spots for 5 lucky winners!


1ST Prize
1000 EC Credits
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Yashiro Arts
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Grab Shell Dude

2ND Prize
500 EC Credits
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Yashiro Arts
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Grab Shell Dude

3RD Prize
200 EC Credits
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week – Grab Shell Dude

4TH Prize
100 EC Credits
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Day - Yashiro

5TH Prize
100 EC Credits


1. Subscribe to Yashiro feed via Email and confirm your subscription - 5 raffle entries
2. Add your name to my list of followers - 3 raffle entries

3. Blog about the Contest and the Prizes, link to Yashiro and the contest post – 10 raffle entries
You can post it in multiple blogs of yours to earn more entries.

4. Add Yashiro to your Technorati Favorite - 1 raffle entries
5. Digg and Delicious this contest - 1 raffle entries for each action
6. Place the contest banner at your sidebar until the contest ends - 2 raffle entries

Copy code for 125×125 Banner:
125x125 blogoversary


Copy code for 468×60 Banner:
468x60 blogoversary

Once you completed your entries, kindly leave a comment on this post telling what you have done to enter the contest. Please include the following information:
the email address that you used for the feed subscription, your blog URL of the contest post, your Technorati ID, your ID of Digg/Delicious, the page where you post the contest banner.

Contest officially starts on April 16, 2009 and will end on June 28, 2009 (11:00 PM Philippine Time). Draw date will be on June 30, 2009. Winners will be drawn randomly using and will be announced on the following day. Winners will also be informed through their email address.
Good Luck and Enjoy!

• I reserve the right to modify the contest mechanic and prizes as I see fit.
• Prizes such as Entrecard Credits and ad spots are NOT convertible to cash.
• If you have any questions regarding the contest, don’t hesitate to contact me.


April 2, 2009

"Reviewing Websites: God Box Enterprises"

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Internet is a very new, easy and affordable way to learn. Information is just one click away from the World Wide Web. Most people intend to learn through tutorials and review made by people who learned, experienced and used a certain product or technology.

So, if you’re looking for sites that can offer information try this site “the God Box Enterprises” or gbe. This site offers tutorials, reviews of new software, gadgets and technologies.

Tutorials like fixing problems regarding computer and software which gives readers and bloggers an edge. Things like gadget, software, and technology that are new in the market are reviewed on this site to show special features of certain product. With this readers and buyers can normally weigh all facts and decide whether to buy this certain product or just let it go.

Information is essential and this is what God Box Enterprises or gbe gives to readers and bloggers.

The only least thing that hinders God Box Enterprises or gbe to share their information globally is the writing or the language. A translation widget is great to help other nations read this site.


March 6, 2009

"Dneero Conversation: Our Philippines"

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To all Filipinos out there come and join the dneero conversation. Be read, be known, and earn! We've got lots of question exclusively for Filipino people. Others can join also! Just simple join the conversation widget and we'll be moving.


March 2, 2009

"Brain Damaging Habits"

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Here is something to help you. A bit of advise with regards to your daily routines and things that you should stop and avoid doing. Prevention is better than cure so at least try to remove or minimized one habit at a time. I hope that this little article I got from my email could help you in your quest of having a healthy lifestyle. I forgot to whom I got this message anyway kudos to you and thanks for sending me this.


1. No Breakfast
People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level.
This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration.

2. Overeating

It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power.

3. Smoking

It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.

4. High Sugar consumption

Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development.

5. Air Pollution

The brain is the lar! gest oxygen consumer in our body. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brain efficiency.

6. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep allows our brain to rest. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells.

7. Head covered while sleeping
Sleeping with the head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and decrease concentration of oxygen that may lead to brain damaging effects.

8. Working your brain during illness

Working hard or studying with sickness may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain.

9. Lacking in stimulating thoughts

Thinking is the best way to train our brain, lacking in brain stimulation thoughts may cause brain shrinkage.

10. Talking Rarely
Intellectual conversations will promote the efficiency of the brain


"Hacked Blog"

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While browsing for some stories of bloggers in my blog list I happen to read this one blog entry from He posted that his wife's blog has been hacked. What! Hacked? Terrible! All were done but none seems to fit as a solution. When he checked the wp-config.php file.. there goes the culprit. Portions of the configuration were altered.

I'm not much of a techie guy but I only understands a few to what happened his wife's blog it just shows that bloggers are not safe. So right now I will do what Blogdemanila is doing now... backing up all my blogs. To Blogdemanila continue blogging and continue to provide us information. If you want to read the whole article of Blogdemanila click here.


February 27, 2009

"Bag made of Keys"

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Prada, LV and the like are top of line bags and accessories. Do you think anyone would like to have this? Anyway its something new and odd looking.

If you're a fashionista and always a trend setter.... I think you should set this one.

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